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Get an Undergraduate Dentistry Degree from One of Our Partner Universities in Europe

Study Medicine Europe has partnerships with some of the best dental schools in Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. Each one of our accredited partner universities is recognized globally and is listed in respected directories of internationally renowned dental schools (WHO, IMED, etc.).

Why Go to Europe for an Undergraduate Degree in Dentistry?

As tuition fees start from just $3,000 per annum, an undergraduate degree in dentistry from Europe represents an economical choice. What’s more, the very low cost of living in Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria means that these countries offer a far more cost-effective option for international dentistry students.

With entry guaranteed, candidates can avoid the stress of entrance examinations. All of the undergraduate dentistry programmes at our partner universities are fully taught through English. Undergraduate dentistry courses typically run for 5 years in Armenia, Georgia, Serbia and Ukraine, and for 6 years in Romania and Bulgaria.

Every dentistry course featured on this website is internationally accredited, so students will be able to practice dentistry all over the world upon graduation.

Dentistry Undergraduate Programmes in Europe

Undergraduate dentistry programmes in Armenian, Georgian, Serbian and Ukrainian universities typically last for five years, whereas courses in Romanian and Bulgarian universities are six years in duration. Globally accredited, these programmes are taught through English and as such draw many foreign students.

European Undergraduate Dentistry Programmes are typically made up of preclinical studies, clinical training and medical training practice or internships. Having completed the programme successfully, graduates will gain an internationally-recognised qualification that will enable them to practice dentistry worldwide.

Please see these pages to learn more about Undergraduate Dentistry Programme curriculums in Armenia, Georgia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Why Apply for Undergraduate Dentistry with Study Medicine Europe?

Study Medicine Europe is the only recruiting organization that assists students from all over the world secure a place at an accredited undergraduate dentistry programme in Europe. Our expert representatives will guide you through the entire application process to ensure that you can realise your dream of becoming a practicing dentist.

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