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Since 1917, Sofia Medical University (SMU) has been a foremost medical college in the European continental region. For over 100 years, the medical university has hosted European and international students with more than 60,000 alumni. Presently, SMU’s international accreditation means it is a highly prestigious European Union (EU) educational institution with four schools and administration. When it comes to the student experience at SMU, there are opportunities for clinical specialisations and laboratory research. Read on to discover current students’ experiences on-campus in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Hear From Jessica, First-year medical student, Sofia Medical University.

Jessica, First-year medical student, Sofia Medical University

How did SME help you with the application steps for pursuing medicine study in Bulgaria?

She said that they were there for application and relocation support every step of the way. Specifically, “They supported me throughout my process. They were really good with emails and communication.”

Did SME assist with the move to Sofia to study at SMU?

SME’s help was great and it made moving really easy, she says. In fact, “SME supported me so much during my time here in Sofia from the beginning from moving to getting into uni and studying.”

What is your favourite thing about medicine study at SMU?

She is incredibly happy with the programme at SMU. “I love the fact that we have such small seminar classes which allows me to interact with my teacher a bit more.” What’s more, “Our groups are so small so it’s like a little family where we support each other.”

Aneeq, First-year medical student, Sofia Medical University

How did you find out about SME recruitment services for medicine study in Bulgaria?

They received a word of mouth referral through a family friend who endorsed SME services. Furthermore, “I immediately got in contact with them and spoke with multiple SME Representatives who swiftly guided me through my application process including helping me in the legalisation and translation of all my documents.”

What has it been like for you to be an international medicine student in Bulgaria?

The opportunity to connect with fellow students has made the transition to student life in Sofia an enjoyable experience. Above all, “The best part of the experience for me has been the amazing student support network.”

How did SME help you meet the SMU application requirements?

The SME resources for applications were provided to him so he could prepare for entrance requirements. Therefore, “They also provided me with an online portal with multiple question banks to prepare me for my English, biology, and chemistry entrance exams.”

Aisha, First-year medical student, Sofia Medical University

What is medical student life like for you in Sofia?

SME made the Bulgaria move process so easy-going she says. “Living in Sofia is great,” and, “There’s a huge diversity amount of students and the citizens.”

How are you enjoying the SMU medicine programme in Bulgaria?

Emphatically, “The course is super interesting,” she says. “For example in anatomy I get to work with real life cadavers,” and the programme is very enriching for her.

Why would you recommend the pathway to study medicine at SMU in Bulgaria?

She says that the opportunity to study medicine in Bulgaria is high-quality while also being more affordable than in her home country. Moreover, “My degree is recognised worldwide so if I want to work in the UK, Canada or Australia I won’t have any issues.”

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