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Varna Medical University is considered as a one stop medical institution which comprises of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Public health schools. This university has been regarded specifically for its Diagnostic and Therapeutic Education while also offering bachelor programs and a range of postgraduate courses. The student reviews provides a glimpse of medical students lives overall studying medicine in Varna, Bulgaria.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at VMU in Varna, Bulgaria

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at VMU Bulgaria

Samuel is a first-year medical student studying at Varna Medical University

What kind of support you received from the city manager in Varna, Bulgaria?

Samuel received a very helpful support from the city manager in Varna who was always available if Samuel required any assistance, questions or inquires through her personal contact. Samuel said “The manager that I spoked to give me her personal contact number and told me I can contact her anytime and throughout the whole process she was on hand just to provide me with assistance, answer any question I had and any queries.”

How was the first day like when arriving in Varna, Bulgaria?

When Samuel arrived in Varna on a late night flight from London, he was brought to a hotel and then the next day he was scheduled for a briefing that provided him all the details and plan for the following days via a detailed presentation. Samuel shares “We got a late night flight from our London base to Varna and was briefly informed of our plans for the following days and the next day we had a proper briefing with presentation just to kind of advice us on what we’d be doing the next day and the next following days.”

How was the relocating process in Varna, Bulgaria?

Samuel shared that briefing was conducted which provided very clear information on all the days when he arrived Varna. “We were briefly informed on the plan for the following days and the next day we had a proper briefing and presentation just to advise on what we’d be doing on that day and the next following days.”

How was your experience studying medicine in Varna, Bulgaria?

According to Samuel, the medical course was challenging but as long effort is put in then it is not very difficult and Samuel also said that the lecturers were also very helpful. Samuel shares “It’s challenging but at the same time it is very manageable as well if you put in the work then you have no issues at all, the teachers are very helpful and they’re kind of on the ball to provide you assistance if you need anything.”

What was your experience living in Varna, Bulgaria?

The community of Varna are very helpful and happy to help at all times if any sort of assistance is required and the city also have lots of bars and restaurants for students to visit Samuel explained. “The people are very helpful as well, if you need any assistance in finding something it shouldn’t be a problem there and in addition to that there is bars and restaurants that you can go to as well.”

What will you like to say to people who will like to study medicine?

Samuel shared that studying medicine is going to be a very knowledgably experience and will indeed be beneficial even though it might be a little tough. Samuel shares “If it’s something that you want to do then you should definitely do it, it’s going to be a challenge but it is going to be a worthwhile challenge, you’re going to profit a lot from this experience.”

Aastha is a first-year medical student studying at Varna Medical University

How was your experience applying for a medical university in Europe via SME?

The application process via SME was seamless for Aastha mainly because SME managed everything end to end not requiring Aastha to do much at all. Aastha shares “The admission process was so easy for me because they were basically handling everything for me and I had to do nothing on my own.”

How was your overall application process like via SME?

SME explained everything during the application process and Aastha got her acceptance letter on time with an overall easy enrolment into Varna Medical University. Aastha said “I got my acceptance letter on time, I got enrolled so easily, they explained everything to me.”

What did SME support on when you first arrived in Varna, Bulgaria?

As soon as Aastha arrived Varna Airport, she was greeted by the city manager of Varna and everything else was arranged from transport to hotel. Aastha explains “When we came here, the city manager came to pick us up from the airport and the transport was arranged by them and they also booked the hotel for us.”

How was the relocating process in Varna, Bulgaria?

There were agents who helped Aastha help her get an apartment, bank account and the Bulgarian ID. Aastha said “There was also an agent there, a real estate agent who showed us apartment and got us an apartment within a few days and they help you with opening bank accounts and help you with getting the Bulgarian ID.”

How was the course in Varna University?

Aastha found the course overall easy and the staff who manages the faculty she is in are also very helpful. Aastha explains “The course at Varna right now is going really well, it’s actually very easy to grasp and the staff at the faculty are very nice.”

How was it like living in Varna, Bulgaria?

Everything in Varna was great for Aastha from the weather up to the people and the city itself. “Living in Varna is a great experience because the people are very friendly and it’s a beautiful city also the weather is amazing, you can step out at any hour in the day and you will feel very good.”

What was the best part of the experience?

Learning and meeting people from various part of the globe was the best part of the experience for Aastha. “The best part of the experience I will say was meeting people from all over the world because we get to learn about their cultures, about their countries, about different parts of the world how things work it was a very good thing.”

George is a first-year medical student studying at Varna Medical University

What was your initial experience with SME when applying for medical university in Varna, Bulgaria?

The initial application process with SME was rather simple and George just sent an email where he then received all the application forms within a few hour. George said “It was really efficient just I’d signed up to via email and within a few hours or so I had all the application forms.”

How did SME assist on the entrance exam into Varna Medical University?

The entrance exam was made easy for George by SME who provided everything that was required to prepare for the exams as well has provided access to text books for him to study for the exams. George shares “SME was really good for the exams, it got exactly what you need, gives you a fourteen for when you actually start the course as well, you got access to parts of the text books that you’ll need.”

How was your relocating process in Varna, Bulgaria?

Just in the first few hours of this first day in Varna, George received his SIM card and was able to get in touch with his family. George says “A few hours of our first full day we’d been given a fully working SIM card where we can do international calls so we can call our families and things.”

How was it like living in Varna, Bulgaria?

Varna was very unique for George in a sense where there are two different cultures in the same vicinity of the city. George shares “It’s strange, there are different like parts for example within 200 metres of each other there are big old cathedrals or like really modern bars where everyone goes, it’s nice.”

What was the most difficult thing living in Varna, Bulgaria?

The challenge in communication in Varna was what George found the most difficult thing when he moved into Varna. George said “The most difficult thing for me personally was probably the language barrier but give it a few months you will get better and better.”

What are your thoughts of your medical student journey studying in Varna, Bulgaria?

Studying medicine in Varna, Bulgaria is a completely new experience for George which will be a challenge to him but at the same time he is excited since it will allow him to learn new things. George said “The whole experience of it is almost surreal, it’s not sunk in yet by moving to complete different countries to go to universities it’s a challenge but yeah I think it’s going to be worth it, it’s exciting, its new experience, you learn new culture, its opportunity to learn new languages.”
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