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Serbia is a unique country that is continually advancing in innovation and infrastructure while still retaining its traditional charm and culture.

What is Life in the Country of Serbia Like for the Medicine Programme Study

With its main capital Belgrade being split into the modern new city and the historical old city you get to have it all with the modern architecture and skyscrapers that line the waterfront of Belgrade and the quaint cobblestone streets filled with cafes and restaurants that have hosted Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers. Well known for its accommodative atmosphere for foreigners, Serbia makes it an easy transition from one’s home country to their new home away from home.

What Activities in Serbia are Available for Students Outside their Medicine Study Commitments

Having been recognised as one of the best places to enjoy the lifestyle of a student, there is no doubt Serbia will leave a lasting impression on anyone who wishes to study there. Despite the country’s relatively small size, it shares cultural traits with the larger mass of Balkan countries having been the centre of the former Yugoslavia.

Ski resorts in Serbia are hugely popular, Kopaonik being one of the oldest and most visited resort, but they are not the only option, it is very easy and affordable to travel to many famous ski resorts in nearby countries such as Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, etc. Serbia is famous for its water polo having won 4 gold medals at the Olympics but that is not the only major sport in Serbia. Football is one of the most passionate games in the countries with there being two major teams, the loyal fans of which are known for having the biggest football club rivalry in history.

Universities host their own societies and clubs that welcome all students and help to connect people based on their similarities and common interests regardless of their year of study or choice in courses and better yet, thanks to Serbia’s unique Geography there are countless activities anyone can take part in ranging from skiing resorts in winter, mountain climbing and hiking in the summer as well as a large man-made lake that hosts a large variety of water sports for both the everyday casual person as well as those who wish to compete in tournaments.

What are the Cultural Attractions for Medicine Students in Serbia

Serbia has its own unique holidays and festivals compared to most of Western Europe such as having Easter and Christmas on different days of the year, or most importantly, the celebration of two separate New Year’s Eve’s.

Serbia is also known as the world’s nightlife capital and for good reason. In summer all along the Danube are floating night clubs known as “Splavs” as well as more traditional clubs and bars lining the waterfront of Belgrade that operate all year round with different themes depending on the time of year. The nightlife gives every student the perfect opportunity to not only unwind on the weekend after long hours of studying but to also meet the locals and make new friends.

What does the Geography of Serbia offer to Students that Study Medicine

Serbia is blessed with being close to many coveted holiday destinations. To the west, you will find Montenegro and Croatia, being hugely popular destinations for their beaches, nightlife and nature reserves. To the south Greece is just a day’s drive away. To the east, you will find Bulgaria and Romania, popular with those who wish to see beautiful landscapes and experience their own unique cultures. To the north you will find Hungary with Austria just beyond it, both are well-known tourist hotspots in their own rights, with each attracting millions of visitors each year.

While having all of these different countries nearby is a significant bonus that is not to say that Serbia itself does not possess its own unique selling points.

What does the capital city of Belgrade offer for Serbia Medicine Study Students

Untouched forests filled with unique species only found in Serbia, expansive mountain ranges with both wide rivers and babbling brooks. Outdoor restaurants and cafes on every street, historic monasteries and a huge white marble cathedral that can be seen from almost anywhere in Belgrade are only a few of the reasons that make each student’s experience unforgettable.

What is Life in Serbia like for Medicine Programme Students

Students will find big differences in everything from people, architecture, culture and food in different parts of the country, region to region, city to city, town to town, each place has its own unique part in what makes up the Republic of Serbia as a whole.

Medical Students in Serbia are never left disappointed with the lifestyle they get to experience. Most students would say that one of the best things about studying in Serbia is low living costs, and while that is true, it is also said that the well-implemented public transport network and the smaller number of students per professor compared to other courses are one of the many benefits that are just a bonus in comparison to the distinguished degree students will receive when studying in Serbia.

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