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Students applying to Georgian medicine and dentistry programmes must be prepared for the respective university’s application guidelines. In order to study medicine or dentistry in Georgia, thoroughly following the required documents and meeting criteria is essential.

What are the Medical University Requirements for Applicants to Study Medicine and Dentistry in Georgia

Potential students are required to meet the following requirements listed below in order to apply to a Georgian Medical University:

1.   Diploma or High School certificate

Students are asked to provide a copy of results from their secondary education as well as information about the disciplines studied as well as Documentation from their home country confirming right to continue studies in a higher school or university.

2.   Good health

Candidates are also required to submit a health certificate that shows that they are physically and mentally fit for studies at Georgian Higher Educational Institutions.

3.   Fluency in English or Russian

A precondition for admission to all categories of educational programs (one-step, undergraduate and postgraduate) of the university is the knowledge of English language at minimal level in order to be able to study at the program, in particular: In case of presenting TOEFL or IELTS certificate, the applicant will be admitted to the relevant program without examination; Applicants who do not have certificates will have to take an examination in English language at University English Language Centre or must take one year preparatory course in English; Applicants, whose native tongue is English do not have to submit certificates or pass examination.

How Students who apply to Study Medicine and Dentistry in Georgia can Meet University Entry Requirements 

Above all, interested candidates for Georgian medical programmes, either medicine or dentistry, must be well-prepared. Accordingly, seeking professional services to assist with finding the right programme and applying properly is worthwhile.
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