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Potential students are required to meet the following requirements listed below in order to apply to a Georgian Medical University:

1.   Diploma or High School certificate

Students are asked to provide a copy of results from their secondary education as well as information about the disciplines studied as well as Documentation from their home country confirming right to continue studies in a higher school or university.

2.   Good health

Candidates are also required to submit a health certificate that shows that they are physically and mentally fit for studies at Georgian Higher Educational Institutions.

3.   Fluency in English or Russian

A precondition for admission to all categories of educational programs (one-step, undergraduate and postgraduate) of the university is the knowledge of English language at minimal level in order to be able to study at the program, in particular: In case of presenting TOEFL or IELTS certificate, the applicant will be admitted to the relevant program without examination; Applicants who do not have certificates will have to take an examination in English language at University English Language Centre or must take one year preparatory course in English; Applicants, whose native tongue is English do not have to submit certificates or pass examination.

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