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Job Seeking Support

Landing a job in a British or American hospital is not always easy as competition is often fierce. Study Medicine Europe knows full well that the job application process can be nerve-wrecking even for the calmest and most experienced graduate. We have arrangements with some of the biggest recruitment firms in the country and with our help we will have you working quickly. Once you have started work, we also offer ongoing support to answer questions that you may have about your working life but also clinical knowledge.

Job Interview Preparation

We will set up mock job interviews to give you an edge over the competition and we have tutorials to put you in the spirit of the interview. Over the years, our team has gathered numerous general, specialized and niche-specific questions that employers ask in the domains of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. We begin by mentioning some of the more basic aspects of body language and continue by fitting your qualifications to a well-structured presentation strategy. This will augment your strengths by pointing out some very important do’s and don’ts when it comes to discussing your work history, yourself, the new job position and company environment as well as your plans for the future.

Learn How to Write A Top-Quality CV

We don’t just stop at coaching, as we also give you a hand with writing your CV and cover letter. To improve your chances of being accepted for a long-term position, our team will advise you on how to build a well-structured CV.

Secure Valuable Work Experience

The SME team can help you organise clinical attachments in hospitals so you can build experience in a professional environment. We also provide support to help you find a temporary position (locum) in a hospital so you can gain employer references. What’s more, we can leverage our extensive recruitment network so you can secure a permanent position.

Assistance with Paperwork

Our expert team will provide you with detailed instructions on how to register at the medicine, dentistry or veterinary regulatory bodies in the UK or in the US. We will also organise the collection, legalization and translation of various documents from your university as required for registration with the relevant medical regulatory bodies. We will also assist you with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, occupational health, and Indemnity Insurance.

Postgraduate Support & Assistance

Our team offers guidance concerning postgraduate training (such as ALS, ECG training, child handling, sepsis identification course, CXR interpretation, blood test results analysis, phlebotomy etc.) that will help you to beat the competition to the interview stage. Even after you secure employment, we will continue to help you with your clinical performance and with the various issues that may arise when working as a medical professional who studied abroad. From day one, you can take part in frequent webinars in which our qualified postgraduate team will advise you on how to pursue a medical career in the UK or in the US.
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