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Why Choose Bulgarian Medical Universities?


Exams in Biology & Chemistry

Tuition fees
  • Medicine: €7,500/year
  • Dentistry: €8,000/year
  • Veterinary: €4,500/year

October & February


Not Available

Graduate Entry

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Clinical Rotations

Medicine: Up to the last 3 years

+ How much do the programmes cost?
  • The tuition fees for studying medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine at Bulgarian medical universities are as follows:
  • Medical University Programme (english) Enrollment Tuition Fees per Year ()
    Sofia University ‘St Kliment Ohridski’ Medicine October 7,700
    Trakia University – Stara Zagora Medicine / Veterinary October 7,000 / 4,000
    Sofia Medical University Medicine / Dentistry October 8,000
    Plovdiv Medical University Medicine / Dentistry October 8,000
    Varna Medical University Medicine / Dentistry October 8,000
    Pleven Medical University Medicine February 7,500
    Forestry University – Sofia Veterinary October 4,500
  • The duration of all medical, dental and veterinary programmes is 6 years.
  • When undergraduate studies are completed, graduates must continue with their specialisation, which usually lasts between 5 to 7 years.
  • For those interested, there are postgraduate and doctoral studies offered by the schools which last 4 to 5 years.
+ Teaching
  • To accompany the regular lectures, the teaching methodology also includes seminars, practical training and laboratories.
  • All the medical schools are affiliated with specific medical clinics throughout the country.
  • The libraries in the medical schools contain thousands of scientific volumes, placing them among the wealthiest knowledge databases in the world.
  • The academic staff consists of celebrated professors and scientists of international calibre.
+ Admission
  • Generally, EU and non-EU candidates seek admission to English taught programmes in medical, dental and veterinary schools.
  • If English is not your mother tongue, you can submit an internationally recognised certificate of competency in the English language.
  • If needed, you can complete a preparatory course to brush up on your English which generally costs between £2,1903,504 and focuses on the relevant course terminology.
+ Is student funding available?
  • Please note that Study Medicine Europe does not offer a student loan service. However, we are always looking for alternative financial aid options for students in Bulgaria.
  • Please contact us to speak with a member of our team about student financial aid options in Bulgaria. Our representatives can keep you up-to-date with any changes regarding Bulgarian student loans to ensure that you have all the information you need.
+ What deadlines do I need to keep in mind?
  • For candidates from EU countries and non-EU countries with a visa exemption, the deadline for applications is early October. This is for the winter entry session beginning in the middle of October.
  • For the summer entry session starting at the beginning of February, the deadline is the middle of February.
  • For Non-EU candidates requiring a visa, they must submit their application one month before the deadline as it usually takes up to a month for a student visa to be issued.
+ Timetable
  • The academic year in Bulgarian medical universities consists of 2 semesters and a summer training practice period lasting 30 days for 3rd, 4th and/or 5th year students.
  • A timetable of the academic year at each university is structured like below:
  From To
Winter Semester
Teaching Period Early September Late December
Vacation time Late December End December
Exams Early January Late January
First retake examination Early February Mid February
Spring Semester
Teaching Period Mid February Early May
Vacation time Early May Mid May
Exams Early June Mid June
First retake examination Mid June Late June
Summer Vacation / Summer Training Practice
Medicine students July August
Dentistry students August September
Veterinary students August September
Second retake examination Early September Mid September
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