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Medical universities in Romania offer prospective students tertiary programmes in medicine and dentistry. Overall, though programmes differ, all universities in Romania maintain clear requirements regarding application submission deadlines. Students must be prepared to meet these as they undertake their programme applications.

Applications for Undergraduate Medicine and Dentistry Study in Romania

Applications for undergraduate studies in medicine or dentistry may be submitted until the middle of September for EU students and for students from non-EU countries that enjoy visa-free entry to Romania, such as Canada, Japan, Moldova, South Korea, Switzerland, USA and Serbia, among others, or by mid-August for non-EU students whose citizens do not enjoy visa-free entry into Romania.

Applications for Postgraduate Medicine and Dentistry Study in Romania

The application deadline for postgraduate studies concerning specialisation positions publicised by the Ministry of Health in September is late November. Sometimes, the Ministry may announce an additional number of specialisation vacancies in January or February, the application deadline for which is usually in March. Finally, the application deadline for doctorate studies is mid-July and, if positions have not been filled, once again by mid-September at the latest. Positions are approved and announced by the Academic Council of each Medical University.

How do Students Choose the Medical Study Programme for Application in Romania

Romanian medical education is highly-regarded both within Europe and worldwide. Accordingly the extensive medical schools options give prospective students many programmes for their consideration. Undeniably, thoroughly understanding each university’s respective offerings is key to finding the right programme for professional goals. Thus working with professionals with university relationships and who can assist with applications is of considerable benefit.
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