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Study Medicine Europe has in place formal partnerships to represent Universities and Tertiary Institutions that are designed to facilitate a smooth pathway for every student from the early days of application through to beginning their coursework. Every student and their family can rest assured that the information we provide is trustworthy, because we present you with the official agreements we have with the Universities we represent.

We offer student support and medicine programme information through our academic counseling that relates to your university course of choice that is verifiable and guaranteed. Inclusive of facts and figures, all student information we present to you in the course of discussing your academic career path, is accurate and prepared to help you. This includes essential information relevant to entrance requirements, programme features and prerequisites or entry tests, tuition fees, accommodation, with other related information to your university course of choice also available.

Affiliate agreements for authentic university advice for every undergraduate/graduate student

SME is one of the few student-counseling offices that has signed agreements with the Universities we represent. Therefore, we are immediately notified if something is amiss, and are fully aware of what is required to remedy the documentation submitted in order to complete the process successfully, as we are able to track your application every step of the way. This focus on accuracy, authenticity, and integrity is a quality assurance function of our services in order to support the academic success of every student.

Besides our official affiliation with our partner universities, we are also fully approved to deliver documents to an assigned clerk, at the relevant Ministry and University, and make pertinent transactions on your behalf. We have specifically appointed representatives for this task in each city so your undergraduate/graduate programme documents are always in safe, responsible hands.

Our agreements with the universities we represent, however, exceeds the standard offer of guaranteed accuracy of information and application status reports. These agreements also allow us to guarantee your acceptance into the school of your choice, as long as you meet their medicine programme minimum entry requirements. The recruitment services available to every student from the outset of application mean that SME is also available to discuss your options with you as well as identify and propose alternate undergraduate/graduate course(s), where applicable, for your consideration.

Begin the undergraduate/graduate medicine application process

Contact SME now for more information to support you to find the right course. In addition to counselling you to find the right course, we will assist you every step of the way with gathering necessary legal and academic documents, with translation and legalisation services offered for you as well!

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