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in Bulgaria is of the highest quality, be it by air, train, ferry, bus, taxi, or the Sofia Subway system. Renting a car is also preferred by students, given that rentals are affordable.

Bulgaria has the following airports: Sofia airport, Plovdiv airport, Varna airport, Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport and the Burgas airport.

There are several major highways connecting Bulgaria to all its neighbour countries, some of which are A1 (Sofia-Burgas), A2 (Varna-Sofia), A3 (Pernik-Kulata), A4 (Chirpan-Kapitan Andeevo), A5 (Varna-Burgas), A6 (Sofia-Pernik) and A7 (Sofia-Kalotina).

The Sofia Metro began to operate in 1998 and it currently has 3 lines:

  1. The first line (M1, the Red Line);
  2. The second line (M2, the Blue Line);
  3. The third line (M3, the Green Line – still under construction)

The railway station was founded in 1885 and consists of Diesel as well as electric trains. The country’s railway network is linked to all neighbouring countries, such as Greece, Turkey, and Serbia.

Finally, Varna and Burgas harbours are the most important harbours in the Black Sea coast with international significance.

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