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Armenia is a unique country that offers so much to all different kinds of people.

What is Life in the Country of Armenia Like for the Medicine Programme Study

This small mountainous country gained its independence in 1991, after seven decades of Soviet rule. One of the world’s oldest civilisations. There are few nations who have such ancient and a complex history along with rich and resilient culture. Situated along the route of the Great Silk Road, it has fallen within the number of cultural influences and empires and nowadays has integration of Western and Eastern cultures.

What Activities are Available for Students Outside their Medicine Study Commitments

Due to its tremendous climate here you can enjoy every season with breathtaking nature and season attractions. About 1/10 of this small country occupies Lake Sevan, which azure waters are about to touch the sky is the world’s second-high lake with freshwater after the Titicaca .Thanks to its beauty the lake earned the name ‘the pearl of Armenian nature’. While at the lake, you can have a cruise on a yacht or catamaran or simply relax and take in the amazing scenery.

What are the Cultural Attractions for Medicine Students in Armenia

Armenia is very popular for its spa towns with their healing mineral waters and mild climate. There are around 40 thermal springs and Gallery of Water for free tastings of the healing mineral waters. Going down to the south of the country you will find Karahunj or Zorats Karer, more known as Armenian Stonehenge. The construction which dates back to the 6th century BC and consists of more than 200 stones remains a mystery for scientists and is said to be served as an observatory for star-watching. Here on the south of the country you will find 9th century Tatev Monastery one of the oldest spiritual centers and largest university of medieval Armenia. There you will get through the longest ropeway of the world.

In winter you can always enjoy skiing in the breathtaking mountains. Food and drink culture is an entire art in Armenia, where you can find many unique traditional dishes and fascinating wine. The oldest winery of the world was discovered in Armenia. According to archeological researches the winery is dated to 4100 BC.

What does the capital city of Yerevan offer for Armenia Medicine Study Students

Medical Universities are located in the capital city Yerevan which students undoubtedly will find as one of the most convenient cities to live and study in. Hardly many know that Yerevan was established 29 years earlier than Rome and in 2018 will celebrate its 2800th anniversary. Old but Gold, the city is not very big, though the student community of Yerevan is quite big and modern one as many young people from other regions of Armenia as well as from the other countries come together here to study. 

What is Life in Armenia like for Medicine Programme Students

Consequently student life is active both in terms of academic part and fun part. All Medical Universities have Student Councils and Student Scientific Councils, which organise numerous student conferences and events. Also there are many public libraries offering online and paper based books. Yerevan nightlife scene is diverse and inviting famous for its night life, from cozy wine houses to noisy pubs with live music and jazz clubs and what is very important all this with affordable prices for students.

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