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Armenian Universities to Study Medicine in English
+ What is the 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine Course?
  • University of Traditional Medicine is an entirely private university to study medicine in Armenia and was founded as recently as 1991.
  • The duration of the course is six years. The first two years of the programme covers pre-clinical studies with the following four years clinical studies.
  • It is highly regarded for its top-quality professors and they are widely admired for their specialist research in the field of medicine.
  • It is in fact a recognised and approved university by the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS) along with many medical councils globally.
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+  How much does the programme cost?
Programme Programme Starts Annual Fees ()
Medicine October 3,500
Living Costs Monthly () Annually ()
Rent (Private Accommodation) 300800 2,000 4,000
Food 4575 500 1,000
Utility Bills (Electricity, Gas &Water, Internet) 90120 800 1,000
Transportation 9 90
Health Insurance 60100
Total 4501,000 5,40012,000
+ What are the Undergraduate Entry Requirements?
Applicants are required to submit the following information:
  1. An application with the following details: a bio, education history, the course for which you are applying.
  2. A copy of your secondary education results with information on the subjects studied.
  3. Documentation authorising that you’re allowed to study in Armenia from your home country.
  4. A health certificate obtained in the last month verified by the country you plan to study.
  5. Two 4/5cm photos are required.
All documents need to be translated into Armenian to satisfy state directives.
+ Why Study Medicine in Armenia?
  • With a population approaching 3 million, Armenia has enjoyed consistent economic progress since 1991.
  • It is an economy with a strong focus on agriculture and this makes up 20% of Armenian GDP.
  • Many new industries are now flourishing in Armenia, such as jewellery making and IT, while tourism has also seen excellent growth in recent years, particularly in major cities like Yerevan.
  • Armenia is being rewarded for its economic progress with ever-increasing support from international institutions like the IMF who are looking to further progress the Armenian economy with grants and loans as required.
  • Nature lovers will delight in Armenia’s unspoiled countryside and its many beautiful national forests and reserves.
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