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For nearly a century, Plovdiv Medical University (PMU) has offered medical education to students from Bulgaria and internationally. Altogether PMU has four medical sciences schools: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Healthcare. With its welcoming ethos of international medical education and cooperation, PMU has its own Department of Foreign Languages. Not only does this encourage international medical student enrolments but also it creates a vibrant multicultural faculty and student body. Below are real first-year medical students reviews from students who share about life at PMU and SME support services.

Hear From Honeya, First-year medical student, Plovdiv Medical University.

Honeya, First-year medical student, Plovdiv Medical University

Did SME support you with every phase of the application to PMU?

For her, SME assisted throughout the application process from information to translation. In fact, she says, “I found the application process very easy actually.”

Do you recommend moving abroad to Bulgaria to study medicine?

Unquestionably studying medicine internationally in Bulgaria at PMU has been a positive decision for her. She asserts, “If you really want to study Medicine or Dentistry just go for it, step out of your comfort zone move to a different country, it’s all worth it in the end.”

What is international student life in Plovdiv like for you studying at the medical school?

“My experience so far living in Plovdiv has been positive overall,” she says. Both “The locals here are very nice and friendly,” and, “They’re very welcoming especially as a foreigner living here”. All in all, “I found it easy to make friends, settling in, and my apartment is in a very nice area.”

Rahul, First-year medical student, Plovdiv Medical University

How did the SME arrival services support you during your move to Bulgaria?

“SME have been brilliant as soon as the process started they put me in contact with the Plovdiv city manager.” He shares that the local services in Bulgaria were always available. Firstly, “As soon as I’ve had this contact, the city manager has constantly been asking us if there’s anything he can do to help.” And, secondly, “He’s always been checking if you’re comfortable.”

What is the curriculum like for you studying on-campus at PMU?

Altogether, “It’s a really interesting course because you have a really nice set of subjects,” he says. This creates a positive learning setting because, “All of your teachers are very friendly and happy to help you.”

Do you recommend the medicine study programme in Bulgaria?

Emphatically, he reflects that the programme is a medical school path he recommends to everyone. He says, “I would say you know to any student who wants to do Dentistry or Medicine outside of their home country to go for it.”

Nuha, First-year medical student, Plovdiv Medical University

How does SME help you when you arrive in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Being that, “Another important part of Bulgarian relocation would be to apply for the Bulgarian Visa,” the SME service support was highly appreciated. She says that it, “Involves translating and legalising a lot of documents and if you need any help with this you can contact SME’s relocation support manager via WhatsApp or email.” This made it simple and stress-free for her when she first arrived in Bulgaria.

How would you describe studying on-campus at PMU for international students like you?

She says that, “I’m a first year medical student and I think so far my teachers have been really supportive.” In reality, she says, “I know they’re available to help me outside of our teaching hours through Microsoft teams, email or even just to find them in person.” Additionally, “We also have brand new high quality classrooms.”

Is SME helping you make your medicine career goals a reality?

“To anybody who wants to study Medicine or Dentistry outside of your home country, I would say don’t let being in a different country limit you from pursuing your dream,” she enthuses. Undoubtedly then she believes, “You’ll always be able to find somebody from where you came from who will help you feel at home and the Bulgarian community are really welcoming.”

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