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We offer focused initiatives that are designed for student support for the duration of their studies. From the first days of your medicine programme until graduation, Study Medicine Europe recognises that students require dynamic services to ensure academic success on your study pathway. Our representatives are permanently based at the city of our partner universities to ensure that students have services they can turn to over the course of their undergraduate/graduate programme. In line with this support ethos, we monitor the academic progress of students throughout their tertiary studies and provide necessary resources to promote individual coursework outcomes.

Irrespective of the nature of an issue or the need for emergency support, each student can be assured that Study Medicine Europe prioritises the holistic wellbeing and needs of each individual student so that they can achieve academic success, thrive and successfully study medicine abroad.

Levels Of Study Support Available For Student Services

Study Medicine Europe implements support services that enable response to students needs from low level through to high level student support. Students across the different medicine programmes can access support as needed with ease and privacy.

The online student support platform enables all SME students to access a range of service providers. These support services providers include:

  • Emergency numbers, such as those of the police and of hospitals
  • Medical practitioners, such as contact details of doctors and dentists who speak English in your university city

In addition to these core student services listed above, the support system platform provides students with relevant updates to ensure there is always access to timely support information and university support.

SME prioritises the value in community and connection between its students. A key feature of the study support framework is facilitating interconnectivity among the student body, with peers available who will be ready to offer relevant peer-to-peer advice, study tips, and answer questions.

Ongoing Academic Support

A final official component of student support is established relationships between university and SME representatives that nurtures a positive learning environment for academic success. SME’s academic support mechanism of Official University Representatives is designed to streamline the study process from the day of application through to assistance, where necessary, with a student’s undergraduate/graduate programme and coursework.

In the day-to-day, students can also access help with their studies with SME providing Ongoing Academic Support inclusive of various notes and materials which can help with improving results and overall programme outcomes.

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