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Preparations support services for the student admissions

Study Medicine Europe has embedded systems for supporting students every step of the way. Alongside the course admissions process, every undergraduate/graduate student has access to additional service needs resources that incorporate programme entry support. In terms of medicine programmes, if any entry test is required, SME offers high-level academic support services to prepare each student for their tertiary studies. This includes lessons, notes, past papers and solid assistance during the summer or winter periods, depending on when a candidate’s first semester commences, ensuring all prospective students succeed.

Step-by-step support for individual student admissions requirements

SME’s advisors also provide for the individual needs of each student with a range of services accessible. From the outset of application through to responding to each student, our team of representatives has a high level understanding of the diverse needs of individual applicants therefore we have developed resources for dynamic use dependent on requests or requirements. Students may need assistance with pre-entry exams or study with the SME advisors prepared for facilitating academic success.

In assessment circumstances, our advisors will escort each student to the university (or exam centre) and then inform you of the results personally. In many cases, we may even be able to arrange for you to take the test at our offices, in the presence of a university representative, with familiar surroundings ensuring a comfortable test environment.

Language services for every student application

Another essential area of student support is language services with non-English speakers. Should a student require this for their application, SME can arrange for English language courses (TOEFL/IELTS).

An additional important statement for students is that there are no requirements for knowledge of the local language abroad, as all universities SME represents offering their medicine courses in English and we do not offer foreign language courses.

Considered, responsive support is core to student services with step-by-step information and resources available from the day you apply including our Online Portal, making the process of student applications and relocating easier than ever!

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