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Sofia Medical University is amongst the most established, historic universities in Europe. For over a century, SMU has been a leader in medical training and scientific research, including its renowned medical research centre in the Balkans. In these video testimonials, real students from the university share all about their time at SMU and the wonderful experience of medical school in Bulgaria.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from two current students at SMU in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at SMU Bulgaria

Aflin, First-year dental student studying at Sofia Medical University.

How did the Applications team help you?

Aflin found the application team to be very helpful. He says ”I got together all my documents within a very short space of time thanks to the support of SME.”

What was it like arriving at your new city and getting set up?

Once arriving in Bulgaria they students are met by SME and are helped to begin life in Sofia. Aflin says “After we landed we were picked up by SME and taken to a hotel in which we were given a briefing about all the things we needed for the upcoming few days.

What was the registration process like

Aflin says the registration process was very simple “The registration process was also very simple as all I had to do was gather my documents together and SME handled the rest of it.”

What is your favourite thing about your programme?

The course has great practical elements to it, Aflin mentions that “The lesson structure is always very practical. For example in Anatomy we can use real cadavers which we cannot use in the UK.”

Shaleem, First-year medical student studying at Sofia Medical University.

How did you find out about Studying Medicine in Bulgaria

SME was recommended to Shaleem by family friends, “I found out about SME because one of my parent’s friends mentioned that their child was actually studying medicine in Bulgaria.”

What was the relocation support for moving to study abroad in Europe like?

SME makes the relocation process very easy for all students, Shaleem says “I received an email that had information about the relocation dates and information about what we would be doing once I arrived in Sofia for the next couple of days.”

What made it easy to get set up in your new city?

Shaleem mentions that on arrival to Sofia they had a great itinerary set up to organise accommodation for the students. “The next morning we went to various estate agents where the city manager had actually booked appointments for us to go for viewings and see the various accommodations that are around the city.”

How has SME helped you achieve your academic dream?

SME will not only help students get set up in a new country but also give them help throughout the duration of their course. Shaleem states “I am very glad to have SME on my side because it means that they will be there to support me through my studies for the next 6 years.”
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