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Kiev Medical University is one of the most esteemed institutions for medical education in Kiev, Ukraine. The university is a leader in cooperative international education for Europe and students all over the world. Read on for student reviews from KMU students sharing about their life, programmes and experiences including how SME has helped them on their journey!

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at KMU in Kiev, Ukraine.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at KMU Ukraine

Awais is a first-year student studying at Kiev Medical University

How did you find out about Studying Medicine abroad in Ukraine with SME?

For Awais, this word-of-mouth recommendation came from a family friend. He says, “I found out about SME from a family friend who also used SME to study abroad and the application process is very simple we rang the sme and found out all the necessary information we needed about all the documents.”

What sort of SME support systems are available to help with day-to-day life?

Every aspect of moving to Kiev with SME was easy and taken care of, says Awais, “During my stay in Kiev if I had any problems whatsoever, I would call up or text my city manager who would help me with the problems.”

How have you found starting the KMU medicine programme in Kiev, Ukraine?

Awais found the foundation pre-clinical modules at KMU made adjusting to university life very manageable. He describes the first-year course, “The course in care for medical and dentistry students is very basic for the first year.”

What do you like about studying medicine abroad with the help of SME?

Studying medicine abroad in Ukraine has given Awais significant independence and he feels a lot of purpose in his course. He says, “Studying medicine or dentistry abroad is worth it as it helps develop your independent skills and also you get the satisfaction of helping patients and helping them live a healthy lifestyle.”

Nadine is a first-year student studying at Kiev Medical University

How did SME help you settle into student life in Kiev?

Nadine shared that she was really surprised by the level of support from SME ‒ far beyond the application and acceptance phase. She says, “When you are over here you will have support, you will not be alone. From the application process to relocation and to even where you are living.”

What are your programme modules like at KMU?

For Nadine, studying at KMU has been a very positive experience and she says, “The support has been amazing from the school and from the teachers. The course is taught in English so it’s very easily understandable. The teachers speak English, if you have any questions you just send them a message and they’ll reply back to you really quickly.”

What is life like studying in Kiev?

Nadine really enjoys student life in Kiev and the chance to discover Ukrainian culture. She shares, “You get to experience a new culture, you get to see new things. As a person who’s not lived out of the UK for the past couple years, this has been wonderful, it’s like a breath of fresh air really.”

What would you say to anyone considering the programme?

The journey of studying medicine abroad in Ukraine has been amazing for Nadine. She says, “For anyone who’s thinking about studying medicine ‒ just do it. This process is so easy, SME supported me with everything.”

Aryan is a first-year student studying at Kiev Medical University

What was the support for getting settled in Ukraine like?

Aryan shared that moving abroad for his medicine programme was really reassuring and he says, “The support you get in Ukraine whilst you are over here by the local manager is actually really helpful and great.”

How did SME help with moving to Kiev to study medicine?

The arrival to Kiev was made easy according to Aryan. He says, “Once the flight had been booked and we’d actually gotten over to here, we’d met the local manager which got us transportation to a hotel where we would be accommodated for the next couple of days.”

What is living and studying medicine abroad like?

Embarking on the journey of studying medicine abroad is really formative says Aryan, “Learning to cook, doing everything on your own that independence really shapes you as a person, for your future.”

What is your review of studying abroad in Ukraine with SME?

Aryan cannot recommend studying abroad in Ukraine enough. He says, “If you are planning to study medicine or dentistry abroad, it is a great experience. It is amazing. I would say 100% go for it if you can.”

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