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The dentistry course in Georgia lasts for 5 years. The first two years of the programme will be heavily weighted towards learning the fundamentals of medical and biological elements of dentistry. From year’s three to five, the primary focus will be on clinical practice with special training in pre-and post-clinical dentistry procedures. When all course content is successfully completed, students will have earned a master’s degree and the title of Dentist. The programme is taught in English.

NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Histology and Embryology6
2.English Language for Medics (C1/1)6
3.Georgian, as a second language I6
4.Human Anatomy6
5.Medical Physics and Biophysics6
7.Molecular Biology and Genetics6
8.English Language for Medics (C1/2)6
9.Georgian, as a second language II6
10.Human Physiology6
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Pathological Anatomy and Physiology6
2.Therapeutic Dentistry I (propaedeutic)3
3.Dental Surgery (propaedeutic)3
4.Prosthetic Dentistry I (propaedeutic)3
5.Paediatric Dentistry I (Prophylaxis of Dental Diseases Part I)3
7.Dental Materials7
8.Patient care and First Aid3
9.Therapeutic Dentistry3
10.Dental Surgery II (Odontogenic diseases)3
11.Prosthetic Dentistry II (Fixed Prosthodontics Part I)3
12.Paediatric Dentistry II ( Prophylaxis of Dental Diseases Part II)1.6
13.Pharmacology for Dentists3
14.Bioethics and medical law3
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Professional Communication3
2.Paediatric Dentistry III (Rotation)3
3.Radiology (Rotation)3
4.Medical Psychology and Psychiatry (Rotation)4
6.Dermatology and Venerology3
8.Therapeutic Dentistry III (Endodontics Part I) (Rotation)3
9.Surgical Dentistry III (Non-odontogenic maxillofacial diseases) (Rotation)3
10.Prosthetic Dentistry III (Fixed Prosthodontics Part II) (Rotation)3
11.Otorhinolaryngology (Rotation)3
12.Phthisiology (Tuberculosis) (Rotation)3
13.Therapeutic Dentistry IV (Endodontics Part II) (Rotation)3
14.Dental Surgery IV (TMJ disorders) (Rotation)3
15.Prosthetic Dentistry IV (Removable partial dental prostheses Part I) (Rotation)3
16.Paediatric Dentistry IV (Endodontics) (Rotation)3
17.Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Dentists6
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Pediatrics for Dentists (Rotation)3
3.Ophthalmology (Rotation)3
4.Orthodontics I (propaedeutic) (Rotation)3
5.Therapeutic Dentistry V (Preclinical parodontology) (Rotation)3
6.Dental Surgery V (Maxillofacial oncology part I) (Rotation)3
7.Prosthetic Dentistry V (Removable partial dental prostheses Part II) (Rotation)3
8.Paediatric Dentistry V (Periodontology) (Rotation)3
9.Health Care Management6
10.Dental Management of Medically Complex Patients (Rotation)3
11.Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases3
12.Dental Allergology3
13.Therapeutic Dentistry VI (Clinical Parodontology) (Rotation)4
14.Dental Surgery VI (Maxillofacial oncology part II) (Rotation)4
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Head and Neck Oncology3
2.Allergology and Immunology3
3.Orthodontics III (Craniofacial anomalies and their treatment methods) (Rotation)3
4.Therapeutic Dentistry VII (Diseases of Oral Mucosa Part I) (Rotation)3
5.Dental Surgery VII (Perio Surgery) (Rotation)3
6.Prosthetic Dentistry VII (Removable complete dentures and maxillofacial prosthetics) (Rotation)3
7.Paediatric Dentistry VII, (Infections of Oral Mucosa) and Paediatric Oral and Maxilla-Facial Surgery Part I (Rotation)6
9.Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology3
10.Orthodontics IV (Adult orthodontics) (Rotation)3
11.Therapeutic Dentistry VIII (Diseases of Oral Mucosa Part II) (Rotation)4
12.Dental Surgery VIII (Implant Dentistry) (Rotation)4
13.Prosthetic Dentistry VIII (Implant Dentistry) (Rotation)4
14.Paediatric Dentistry VIII (Oncology of oral mucosa) and Paediatric oral and maxilla-facial surgery Part II (Rotation)6
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