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New Vision University in Georgia is one of SME’s leading medicine programmes with students studying there enrolled from countries all over the world including Australia and the United Kingdom. Our student reviews are developed to capture the journeys they each have from enrolling and relocating to course structures and life in Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi where NVU is located!

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at NVU in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at NVU Georgia

Zahira, First-year medical student, New Vision University

How did the Applications team help you?

Zahira found the application process to be very clear and smooth, she says “It all started with getting in touch with SME. They clearly explained the process from start to finish. After the initial paperwork, there was a quick transition by smooth connection. SME translated and legalised all paperwork before submission to the University and there was also an online portal to help us”

How was the support from SME on getting set up in your new University and city?

SME provide support for students not only in the initial stages of getting set up in their new city but throughout the duration of their course, Zahira is reminded of the times she had specific queries “Whenever I needed more information in regards to anything about Tbilisi SME would always be available to contact and guide me through my specific needs”.

How are you finding living in Tbilisi?

Zahira is settling in well in Tbilisi and is starting to feel part of the community, “Living in Tbilisi Georgia has been amazing from the moment I found an apartment and settled down. It really does feel like a second home because the people here are so friendly and the community is one that is very tight-knit”

What are the resources like at the university and how does this help you with your studies?

There are wonderful resources provided by New Vision University and SME, Zahira recalls the time she had to use such resources “If however, you feel like you have any questions at any time the University is very helpful and forthcoming with information”

Anthony, First-year medical student, New Vision University

What was the Application like?

Anthony found the application process very smooth, he says “I was given all the relevant information by the recruitment manager and the application form was sent to me on the same day””

What was the relocation support for moving to study abroad in Europe like?

Anthony considered the relocation process to be one of the easiest parts of the whole move to Georgia, he states “Relocation was the easiest part of the process, I was given clear information by SME regarding this. I received two emails from SME … which had specific information about booking flights, the hotel we are going to stay in. The second email contains a link for the portal which has the details of estate agents, sim card contact lists, internet packages and other relevant information

What stands out for you about studying at NVU & studying medicine in Georgia?

The change to digital has been a huge benefit for students and Anthony found this to be of particular help when it came to studying materials “All the materials you require for this course are online, this means you don’t have to buy books which makes your life easier”.

What would you say to prospective students who want to study medicine in Europe?

Anthony provides some advice for people considering studying medicine in Europe “If you are a person who wants to study medicine, got decent grades in A-Levels or finished your first degree but couldn’t get into med school the right place to go to is SME as they will do everything they can to get you to the right medical school in Europe

Athar, First-year medical student, New Vision University.

How has your experience with SME been?

Athar was overwhelmed with the support given by SME “My experience with SME has been absolutely blissful. The support given is beyond what I have ever expected.

How did SME help you with moving from your home to your new city?

SME provides all students with great support and resources from the moment they apply for a course, Anthony recalls arriving in Tbilisi From the moment I touched down in Tbilisi, the SME team awaited for us at arrivals to inform us of what needed to be done and took us for a short brief in our hotel. They accompany you for the first couple of days of the visit and make sure you know where you’re supposed to exchange money, find the right sim card and open a bank account as well as finding private accommodation

How have you found studying medicine at NVU Georgia?

The medicine course at New Vision University is one of the top in Georgia, Athar gives us an example of why this is the case “The MD Medicine course I am studying at New Vision University is fantastically laid out and explained to students upon arrival the lecturers are easy to understand and with a pace that is beneficial for all”.

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