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For almost a century, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) has been among the world’s top 100 universities. Since founding in 1942, the university has grown to over 82 medical departments and is home to an international faculty. Through partnerships with six hospitals in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, and their own university hospital, students complete extensive training. Concurrently AUTH is an active member of the European Union (EU) medical school network. Thus students have ongoing opportunities to participate in EU medical education initiatives including the Erasmus+ exchange programme. From the outset of their programme, AUTH students are educated and trained according to international standards readying for global careers. With this in mind, now let’s learn about current students’ experiences at AUTH in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Hear From Atharva, First-year medical student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Atharva, First-year medical student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Were SME able to oversee document handling for your medicine study programme application for Greece?

SME oversaw all parts of the application process and made the process for this student from the UK easy. In fact he says, “The team translated and legalized everything for me and submitted the documents to the university.”

What is life in Thessaloniki like while you study medicine at AUTH?

“I’ve been living in Thessaloniki for two years now,” and “It’s honestly one of the best places I’ve ever lived.” Furthermore, “It’s very culturally rich and there’s so much to do.” Particularly, “…the food is amazing,” he says, and the programme network makes studies really enjoyable.

Is the medicine study programme at AUTH preparing you for international medical practice?

The quality of medical education at AUTH is very high. Thus he says, “I would 100% recommend coming to Greece to study medicine.” The clinical work experience is aligned with the teaching history as, “The birth of modern native medicine started here.” Additionally he says, “It’s such a privilege being able to learn in Greece where the roots of medicine started.”

Eilidh, First-year medical student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

What SME support is available to you in Greece?

This student attributes her enjoyment of the medical programme journey with SME and ensuring she feels settled into the course. Specifically, “SME also provides us with academic advisors which we’re very grateful for.” Above all, “They’re always there for us in case we would like to consult with them.”

Is the international medicine study programme at AUTH challenging?

Although the curriculum is rigorous, this student says that the standards make it a fulfilling learning experience. She says, “I find the course to be challenging at times but overall really interesting and rewarding.” What’s more, “In first year we do wider topics such as medical physics and informatics.” Chiefly this is valuable to the student as “most UK universities do not offer” these particular topics.

Should other students pursue the pathway of a medicine study programme in Greece?

Essentially this student really encourages students to consider studying abroad in Greece. Her words are advice are, “If you’re thinking of studying here I would say go for it.” Equally she says, “Studying abroad offers such a unique experience and such a wide range of opportunities.”

Muadh, First-year medical student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

How did SME help you with relocating to live in Thessaloniki and study medicine in Greece?

SFor this student, SME was there to provide everything he needed in his journey to studying at AUTH. In reality he shares, “The support we are offered is endless.” Not only was this “the application process” but also “settling in Thessaloniki” because, “the SME manager supports us throughout.”

Does the AUTH medicine programme in Greece meet your study goals?

All in all he asserts, “The course is great as it includes clinical opportunities from the first semester.” For this student, the AUTH teaching environment is inspiring as, “The professors are knowledgeable and incredible at delivering their lessons.”

What is international student life at AUTH in Greece like?

“Overall the process of integrating into the city has been great,” he describes. The highlight is connecting with other students and establishing a professional network. Equally important, he says what has been most special is the opportunity to, “Meet people from all over the world.” Particularly, “[The chance to] build friendships…the diversity of the students truly amazed me.”

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