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Pleven Medical University (PMU)has been a leading university in Bulgaria for the past 50 years. Today PMU teaches international students in English and the campus is a vibrant learning space in this modern city. Students studying at the university are taught by a highly experienced and trained faculty which is detailed in the SME Student Reviews below.

  Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from current students at PMU in Pleven, Bulgaria.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at PMU Bulgaria

Aastha is a first-year student studying at Pleven Medical University

What was it like when first arriving in Bulgaria?

SME made it so easy for Aastha during arrival and settling into the country. She shared, “As soon as I came to Sofia they were there to pick me up from the airport and then took us to the hotel we were staying in.”

How did SME help with settling into Pleven?

Aastha said that everything was taken care of and she was assisted every step of the way. She said, “They’ve helped me to sort out my bank account, sim card and the accommodation as well.

What is the university like?

The welcoming faculty make studying and seeking assistance much less intimidating, Aastha found. She says, “The teachers are very helpful so if I’ve got any questions they’re always there to help.”

What would you say to people who dream of studying medicine?

Aastha shared that even with difficulties anything is possible if you’ve wanted to study medicine. She said, “. It is a tough course, but if you study hard and stay focused, you can achieve your goals.

Jannie is a first-year student studying at Pleven Medical University

What was the Application like?

Jannie says that SME helped manage the documents including legal aspects. She said “They collect all your documents and they will legalise and notarise them for you.”  

What is the Pleven Medical University like?

Jannie said that she found the medicine programme was very involved from the start and the faculty is excellent. She says, “The teachers can speak very good English it’s quite hands on from the beginning.” 

What is like living in Pleven, Bulgaria

Jannie has found that Pleven and Bulgaria as a country are really enjoyable for living and studying. She said that “The people are always really helpful and you get to learn Bulgarian at the university.” 

What are your final thoughts on anyone thinking of studying medicine in Bulgaria?

Regardless of being away from family and settling in, Jannie felt like she could be at home there and pursue medicine happily. She says, It’s an opportunity worth taking. If being a doctor has always been your dream, there are so many opportunities here.

Charlotte> is a first-year student studying at Pleven Medical University.

How was your application process with SME?

Charlotte was enthusiastic about the process of getting applications ready before hearing about acceptance. She said The application was all sorted out for us and it was really quick and easy.

How was the adjustment to the medical course?

Charlotte shared that it’s important to be dedicated to your course and to seek support if needed. She said that “If you’re passionate and you are willing to learn then go for it…it’s absolutely fine and it will be smooth sailing.” 

What was the best thing about the experience and living in Pleven?

Charlotte said that she enjoyed studying at a university in a city that is so multicultural. She says, “Living in Pleven so far has been really interesting. The best part of the experience so far has been meeting people from different countries that speak multiple languages.”

What will your advice be to new students looking to study medicine in Bulgaria?

The medical course is challenging but Charlotte is very positive about it. She said, “The only thing standing in your way is you.”
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