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In line with the rise in the number of foreign students, the number of foreign language Bachelor´s, Master´s in Georgian higher education institutions has also been steadily increasing in recent years.

An Overview of Medical Education and Medicine Programme Study in Georgia 

Medicine, which is the most expensive field of education, is also the most popular, with 50% of foreign students in Georgia studying medicine, healthcare, pharmacy or dentistry. Georgian medical educational programs are based on the modern European standards and are compatible with international principles. Institutions are staffed with highly qualified academic staff and provide medical education in accordance with international regulations and recommendations. The academic faculty is represented by a team of experienced professors, who have been trained in USA and Western European Countries.

The Academic Process, based on ECTS system, allows students to gain international academic recognition. Students are given an opportunity to practice and train at the national and international level at partner Universities as well as participate in exchange programs. Universities aim to understand the needs of every student and support them during their learning process aimed at successful professional career. They have possibility to participate in research work in different fields and scientific-practical conferences held.

A Medical Schools Guide for Students Who Study in Georgia

The Faculty of medicine offers eight accredited Educational Programmes in Georgian, Russian and English languages: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Also there are additional courses in Georgian Language: Radiology, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Dental technician, Medical rehabilitation.

Below are described courses taught in English at Georgian Medical Universities:

What Students Who Apply to Study Medicine in Georgia Should Know


Medical Doctor (MD) educational program is taught through English and is 6 years in duration. It is aimed to develop caring, competent, and confident medical doctors through outcome based teaching approach ensuring high quality of health care and biomedical research in academic, in- and out-patients settings. To provide medical training, predominantly in a practical environment (where acquisition and organisation of knowledge match with practical application of gained competencies), based on ethical values, respect for individual autonomy and on the premise of rational and efficient interference.

The first 2 years of the programme are focussed heavily on pre-clinical areas with the focus shifting to clinical study for years 3-5. In the final year, there will be a year-long internship in a local hospital and completion of the state exams is also required. Upon completion of all requirements over the 6 years, students will be become a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and obtain a master’s degree. All graduates will have ample opportunity to get great jobs in Georgia or in a hospital and country of their choosing around the world. Employed teaching and assessment methodologies enable the acquisition and organisation of knowledge match with practical application of gained competencies.

What Students Who Apply to Study Dentistry in Georgia Should Know


Dentistry course lasts for 5 years. The program aims to coach qualified dentists, whose professional activities will help to increase the level of dental services, prevent oral diseases and improve overall health. The graduates of this program will have basic knowledge of oral health care medicine (clinical and natural sciences) and deep knowledge of dental specialisations. The graduate will be able to teach, grow professionally, conduct research and make decisions that will allow her/him to logically analyse the identified symptoms and see the connection between common pathogenesis processes, reasonably set and implement comprehensive treatment plan, pursue patient’s management, have basic manual skills that ensures both prophylactic and therapeutic activities.

The first 2 years will focus largely on pre-clinical study where students will gain an understanding of dentistry fundamentals. The course from years 3-5 will focus primarily on clinical training. The course ends with a 6 month internship and students must complete state exams. The course will give students a thorough understanding of all areas related to pre & post clinical procedures relating to dentistry. Successful students will be rewarded the title of Dentist and also earn a master’s degree. Newly qualified dentists will have a great opportunity to find work in Georgia or continue with their practice in other countries.

Within the framework of Dentistry Programme, Rooms for Phantom Studies and University Dental Clinic are operating at the university, which enable students to have direct contact with patients from an early stage of studying. Teaching at the faculty is carried out in accordance with international standards. The University provides all the conditions for gaining qualitative knowledge and leading an interesting student life.

What Students Who Apply to Study Dentistry in Georgia Should Know

Veterinary Medicine

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree program takes five years of full-time study to complete offered in Georgian, Russian or English languages.

The first two years of study are mainly conducted at lectures and seminars, as students get the opportunity to engage in anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, reproduction, psychology, microbiology, radiology, immunology and ecology. After the first two years, students will be well-versed in animal health and husbandry. If the pre-clinical stage has laid the foundation for what a student should expect from a healthy animal, the Clinical stage then develops this knowledge into what might go wrong. Various diseases are studied, as well as treatment, pathology, parasitology, surgery, pharmacology, internal diseases, toxicology, anaesthesiology, epidemiology.

At the end of the final year the candidates are expected to pass a series of final exams, In addition, students need to complete a graduate thesis as part of the requirements to obtain the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Graduates have plenty of options like: specialising, such as becoming an equine or farm veterinarian, focusing on exotic animals, working with zoos, working exclusively with dogs, cats or horses on a more specialist basis, or working with Government agencies.

What Students Who Apply to Study Pharmacy in Georgia Should Know


Pharmacy is a 4 academic year program that prepares a qualified pharmacist who will be able to develop professionally and continue with the next stage of education.

This develops basic knowledge in: pharmaceutical care, patient-oriented pharmacotherapy, use of the results of clinical trials in pharmacy, production and manufacturing of medical products, and pharmaceutical analysis; Management skills necessary for: promoting pharmaceutical research based on ethical values, processing and delivering of pharmaceutical information, implementation of physician-pharmacist-patient model, communication with professional societies and general community, our graduates possess skills for management of the structural units at appropriate (intermediate) levels in pharmaceutical organisations. They may be employed in pharmaceutical companies, drug stores and health care facilities, public health organisations, drug quality control and toxicological laboratories, also in insurance companies.

The programme is taught in English. At the end of the programme students will be given an Academic Degree/Qualification: Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPh).

How Much Does it Cost For Students to Study Medicine and Medical Sciences Programmes in Georgia

Candidates from EU and non-EU countries can study English medical programs proposed by Georgian medical universities, paying 21003,500 per year. For instance, Medical course fees range between 2800-3500 per year, Pharmaceutical course – £ 2,500 per year, dental course £2100£3,000 per year.

Foreign students from countries whose mother tongue differs from English have to Develop their academic English language skills in order to meet the English language requirements at Georgian universities offering Medical studies in English. In that case candidates must have a recognised English qualification aligned with CEFR level B2 to successfully apply. To prove the English qualification either one of the following must be submitted: a) an official international language certificate b) an English Proficiency Statement from the university, high school or college, confirming that English was the language of instruction c) a certificate issued by a local or international English language instruction provider (e.g. language school), confirming the acquisition of B2 level as a result of a language course attended.

Caucasus International University
Programme Duration (Years) Enrollment Tuition Fees per Year ()
Medicine 6 October & March 5,000
Dentistry 5 October & March 4,200
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