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Varna Medical University is considered as a one-stop medical institution that comprises of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Public health schools. This university has been regarded specifically for its Diagnostic and Therapeutic Education while also offering bachelor programs and a range of postgraduate courses. The student reviews provide a glimpse of medical students lives overall studying medicine in Varna, Bulgaria.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at VMU in Varna, Bulgaria..

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at VMU Bulgaria

Niarah,First-year medical student studying at Varna Medical University.

How did you find out about Studying Medicine in Bulgaria?

Niarah found the application process very easy, she says “My experience with SME was great. I found them online

How did the Applications team help you?

The application team got in contact with Niarah to help her get started on her journey to Varna “I also received an email from SME which provided me with all the information about which flights I should book to relocate to Varna”

How did SME help you with moving from your home to your new city?

Upon arrival to Varna the students are taken to a hotel where they are shown how to set up bank accounts and phones while abroad, Niarah recalls that “Over the next few days we did plenty of jobs which helped me settle into Varna, for example, I was taken to the university where I was able to enrol, find out my schedule and which group I was in”.

How has SME helped you achieve your academic dream?

It was Niarahs dream to study medicine and she thinks you should follow her route if it’s your dream to study medicine as well. “I think if you really want to study medicine you should definitely do it here. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity, apply, tell yourself you can do it because you get to fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor and you will really enjoy it

Carlee, First-year medical student studying at Varna Medical University

What was the Application like?

Carlee found the application process to be very clear and timely, she states “I got in contact with the administration and they essentially just provided me with all the details

How did the Applications team help you?

The application team helped Carlee to gather the correct documentation and helped her to get on her way to moving to Bulgaria. “I collected a bunch of my documents then I sent them all to SME where they legalised them for me and within two months I received my acceptance”

What made it easy to get set up in your new city?

The city of Varna is beautiful and Carlee completely agrees with this, she says “I love the city, I love the people, I love the culture, it’s such a relaxed environment for me to study in”

What helps you most with your Medicine Programme?

SME will support students not only when getting set up but throughout the duration of the course, Carlee says “Support is one of the major advantages of SME, they have put me in contact with a local here that I can contact on a day to day basis”

Muhammad Isa, First-year dental student studying at Varna Medical University.

How did the Applications team help you?

The administration team helped Muhammad Isa with the process involved in studying medicine in Europe, Muhammad Isa says “When I spoke to them they helped me out a lot, the brief me on the administration process

What was it like arriving to your new city and getting set up?

After being collected at the airport the students are taken to a hotel where they will have a conference about what will be planned over the coming days, Muhannad Isa recalls “At the hotel, there was a conference given by another SME member, he was explaining information about things we need to do in the next few days. After that, we went downstairs and there were a couple of estate agents showing us some properties

What do you enjoy about studying in Varna

Varna has a lot of attractions to offer, Muhammad Isa enjoys many of them and also enjoys the independence that comes with moving abroad, he states “There is quite a lot of good stuff around here, there is a beach, there is a cinema, there is a nice mall. You’re away from your family it makes you more independent and you mature as a person”

What stands out for you about studying at Varna Medical University & studying medicine in Bulgaria?

Varna Medical University is a world-class learning environment and it gives students great learning opportunities, one such opportunity is mentioned by Muhammad “Studying in Varna is quite different, its a lot more practical, it’s more hands-on”

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