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Study Medicine Europe is the leader in medical student recruitment with offices in the UK and USA. Having many years of experience under our belt in securing placement for prospective students from all over the world into the most reputed and affordable Medical Universities in Europe, it is the only choice you know is going to guarantee your first steps towards making your dreams come true.

More specifically, we officially represent and are affiliated with numerous Medical Schools in the Caribbean (Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines) and Europe (Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria) that offer English-language undergraduate and graduate programs in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. We can also help students to secure places in a medical course that takes place in the UK. We frequently deal with local civil services bureaus for the needs of our students.

We deliver world-class premium services from the time you apply online to the time you graduate from the University, but not at a premium. Having submitted numerous applications, we are fully aware of the application process and we are specially licensed to deliver admission documents to the respective Ministry bureaus ensuring all the applications of students are quickly and successfully processed, thus eliminating the possibility of mishandling. We pride ourselves on offering a guaranteed entry, and this is why our student recruiting office is the only that can straightforwardly guarantee a full deposit refund in case we fail to secure your place at one of our Partner Universities.

Since our foundation, we have offered educational services to numerous of students, many of whom are now distinguished alumni as medical scientists, successful entrepreneurs and executives in the public and private sector. We have built a strong name and reputation based on integrity, honesty, respect and our high quality services, which we continuously strive to improve.

The bottom line is that your future is our top priority.

We want to thank the numerous students who have trusted us and we hope you will be one of the many who have enjoyed the experience only Study Medicine Europe can offer!

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