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Study Medicine   in English
  • Duration6 Years
  • TuitionFrom $3,000 per Annum
  • RequirementsSecondary Education
  • Intakes4 per Year
  • Online2.5 Years
Study Dentistry   in English
  • Duration5 or 6 Years
  • TuitionFrom $3,000 per Annum
  • RequirementsSecondary Education
  • IntakesNovember & March
  • Online2 Years
Study Veterinary   in English
  • Duration5.5 Years
  • TuitionFrom €4,000 per Annum
  • RequirementsSecondary Education
  • IntakeOctober
About Study Medicine Europe

Study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary in English at the best Medical Universities in Europe.

Study Medicine Europe is one of the top medical student recruiters in the world. We are an official representative of many highly-regarded and affordable Medical Universities, Dental Universities and Veterinary Universities in the Caribbean, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria. We are affiliated with these universities via official partnership agreements.

In recent years, medical studies have become more popular while the number of university places remains limited. As a result, candidates face higher tuition fees and fiercer competition. The increased cost of medical education puts a large financial burden on students and their families, and many medical students leave school carrying a large, often five-figure, debt.

Study Medicine Europe can help to make your academic dreams a reality. We can prescribe your professional future, starting by securing a place for your medical studies abroad, in English-taught programmes, at the most affordable European medical schools! Study Medicine Europe co-operates with a select number of accredited and reputable European Universities located across Europe (Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria). These universities offer the best medical education globally as well as affordable tuition fees due to these countries’ low living cost. Better yet, based on its decade-long experience in this area, Study Medicine Europe offers premium services, but not at a premium, and can help you secure a position in one of these universities.

Studying Medicine in Europe, in English: Universities

When choosing where to study medicine in Europe, in English-taught programmes, we know it is vital for you to study at the most reputable universities. All of our official partner universities are internationally-recognised accredited institutions. These highly-rated universities have been listed in all known directories of internationally renowned medical schools such as the WDMS. To date, thousands of doctors, dentists and vets have graduated from Europe and now practice in numerous countries worldwide.

Study Medicine Europe : Why choose us when deciding where to study medicine abroad, in English?

We are the only recruiting organization that helps students all over the world secure a place at European medical universities and that also provides comprehensive student support up until graduation. Through Study Medicine Europe, you can study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine abroad in English and enjoy secured admission with high or low grades, affordable tuition fees (starting at $3,000 annually), and low living costs (averaging £3,500 per year).

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