Daily Mail interviews SME for article

Daily Mail interviews SME for article

One of the most popular and highly regarded UK newspapers recently interviewed SME staff in London and current British students studying in Bulgaria.

The article highlights the continuing plight of British students who are rejected from UK medical schools despite a deficit of 10,000 medical doctors. British students with straight A’s in A-levels are continuously being rejected by UK universities despite the fact that there is a serious shortage of doctors.

Three of those students, Molly Sandhu, Thandeka Xhakaza and Simren Dhaliwal, contacted SME to help them in realizing their dreams. All three are currently studying at fully accredited Eastern European universities with their sites on becoming medical doctors and dentists.

Aris Grigoriou. Student Recruitment Manager of SME, also interviewed by Daily Mail, confirmed that the company currently recruits approximately 1,500 students from around the world, 700 of which, come from the UK, a demand which has tripled since the company began operations 5 years ago.

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