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Dentistry is a 5 years educational program English or Russian taught program. During their studies students study both theoretical practical clinical subjects. Great attention is paid to the independent work of the students, which is carried out under direct supervision of the lecturers and doctors. Graduates of the Faculty of Stomatology are awarded a diploma with qualification “doctor-stomatologist”. Afterwards participants can follow a postgraduate study with 1-3 years duration accordingly in Armenia or abroad. To give a better overview of dental studies in Armenia here is presented the dental course programme of University of Traditional Medicine

NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.History of Armenia3
2.General psychology2
3.Medical physics4
5.General chemistry and bioorganic chemistry6
6.Herbs morphology and physiology, pharmacognosy4
7.Latin language and medical terminology4
8.Mathematics and Medical Informatics4
9.Human Anatomy, Anatomy of head & neck12
10.Armenian language4
11.Physical Training
12,Foreign Language4
13.History of Medicine3
14.Bioorganic Chemistry2
13.Histology Embryology Histology of oral cavity9
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Human Anatomy, Anatomy of head & neck12
2.Armenian language4
3.Physical Training
4.Histology Embryology Histology of oral cavity9
5.First Aid2
6.Biochemistry, Biochemistry of Oral cavity8
7.Microbiology, Microbiology of Oral cavity8
8.Normal physiology, physiology of Jaw facial region8
9.Prevention dental diseases5
10.Propaedeutic of therapeutic stomatology4.5
12.Propaedeutic of surgical stomatology2
13.Science of materials3
14.Pathological Anatomy, pathological anatomy of head & neck6.5
15Propaedeutic of Internal diseases5
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Pathological Anatomy, pathological anatomy of head & neck6.5
2.Propaedeutic of Internal diseases5
3.Immunology, Clinical Immunology2
4.Propaedeutic of orthopedic stomatology2
5.Radio diagnostics2.5
6.General Surgery, Surgical diseases, Anesthesiology5.5
7.Pathological physiology, Pathological physiology of Jaw facial region7
9.Dental cariesology and diseases of hard tooth tissues10.5
10.Local anesthesia and dental anesthesia6.5
12.Ear throat nose diseases3
13.Oral cavity surgery7
14.Internal diseases and clinical pharmacology6
15.Prosthetic dentistry14
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Oral cavity surgery7
2.Internal diseases and clinical pharmacology6
3.Prosthetic dentistry14
5.Prosthetics and complete edentulism3.5
6.Social Health and organization of Health2
9.Endodontics (root canal treatment )9.5
10.Extremal Medicine1.5
12.Infectious diseases2.5
13.Phytotherapical stomatology1.5
15.Orthodonty & children’s denture4
16.Children’s surgical stomatology5.5
17.Children’s therapeutic stomatology5.5
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Prosthetic dentistry14
2.Endodontics (root canal treatment )9.5
3.Children’s surgical stomatology5.5
4.Children’s therapeutic stomatology5.5
5.Psychiatry and Narcology2
6.Ophthalmologic Diseases2
7.Forensic Medicine2
8.Dental Implantation and Oral cavity restorative surgery4
9.Diseases of Oral cavity mucous membrane3.5
10.Jaw-Facial surgery5.5
12.Genetic disease2
13.Acupuncture in stomatology4
14.Physiotherapy in stomatology2
15.Reanimation Intensive therapy2
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