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University of Traditional Medicine is one of the Top Universities in Armenia which was established in 1991. Today this University is home to students across Europe and India. We are able to learn and view the complete experience of students who pursued their education in this university as well as living in Yerevan, Armenia through SME Student Reviews.

  Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at UTM in Yerevan, Armenia.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at UTM Armenia

Ammar is a first-year student studying at University of Traditional Medicine

How did you find out about Studying Medicine in Armenia?

Ammar said that it was through his friend he came to know about studying medicine in Armenia. He says, “ I found SME through a friend of mine who is studying in Bulgaria currently who went through them. I went on to the SME website and found a wide variety of universities across various countries.”

What was it like when first arriving in Yerevan, Armenia?

The first time Ammar arrived in Armenia, he was welcomed by SME and assisted him throughout. Ammar shares “When we landed in Armenia we were picked up by SME and taken to a very nice hotel, the next morning we had a briefing and we were given a schedule.”

What was the relocation support for moving to study abroad in Europe like?

Ammar said that is was very simple in finding accommodation with value for money and convenience. Ammar said “The real estate agents showed us great apartments across Yerevan and I found one in two days with great affordable price and it was very modern and close to university. In a very safe area and I felt very welcomed there.”

What was your experience studying medicine at UTM in Armenia?

Ammar mentioned how great the lecturers were in UTM who spoke fluently in English and very helpful allowing him to study well. “My professors however are extremely helpful. They are fluent in English. They always stayed behind if you needed any extra help and they speak great English so there won’t be language barrier.”

What made it easy to get set up in the new city?

Setting up and adjusting in a completely new city was a breeze due to the amazing community and people in Yerevan, Armenia says Ammar. “I felt very welcomed and a very friendly atmosphere so I adjusted very quickly to this new city.”

What would you say to people who will like to study medicine?

Ammar believes that SME will be able to provide all assistance in making on dream come true to study medicine in Europe. “I highly recommend going to SME and they will help you and support you to make your dreams come true.”

Mohammed is a first-year student studying at University of Traditional Medicine

What was the Application like?

Mohammed explained that the application process in SME was simple with clear instructions and documents required. He said “I was told exactly what documents I needed to gather and if I follow the step by step process everything really went smoothly.”

What helped you settle in the new city?

Settling in the new city with new environment was made easy due to the various students from all around the world meeting each other, shared by Mohammed. “ One of the ways this was made a lot easier on me was meeting an amazing group of friends here.”

What is like living in Yerevan, Armenia

According to Mohammed living in the city of Yerevan in Armenia has been great overall from the weather up to the low living cost. He said that “So far I really enjoy living in Yerevan, the weather is really nice. The food is cheap, the taxis are cheap and so it is easy to get around.”

What will your advice be to new students looking to study medicine in Armenia

Mohammed shared that it is best to apply for medicine studies via SME and it will open many doors of opportunities. Mohammed says, “For anybody who thinks of studying medicine of industry, I say go for it no matter what it takes, get your foot through that door and get your acceptance letter. Once you have got the acceptance letter, it is a whole new world out there for you.”

Bilal is a first-year student studying at University of Traditional Medicine

How was your application process with SME?

The overall experience applying for UTM in Armenia via SME was easy and quick according to Bilal and he also received his acceptance letter in a very short period of time. Bilal said “ I started the application process with SME, it was very quick and smooth and in a couple of days I received my acceptance letter.”

What was your initial experience proceeding to Study Medicine via SME in Yerevan, Armenia?

Bilal said he was excited and confident to leave the UK and head to Armenia to further his medical education mainly due to the detailed information along with the great services provided by SME. “ I left the UK very sure because I have plenty of information received from SME and I was very happy with the services that they have provided me with.”

What was the support you received when first arriving in Yerevan, Armenia?

Bilal arrived Yerevan and was provided with support and assistance in multiple areas but mainly in bringing him to the main city centre to make sim cards, bank accounts and also met a few real estate agents. Bilal shares “ We went to the city centre and we made sim cards, bank accounts and we met real estate agents.”

How was the medical course?

The medical course was tough for Bilal due to a packed schedule. “ The course is very intense because we have quite a big work schedule.”

What you found most difficult about the move?

Leaving family and friends behind was the hardest thing for Bilal when he moved to Yerevan, Armenia. “ The hardest thing about this move was leaving family behind, your parents, your siblings and your friends.”

What was the best thing about the experience?

Bilal found the best part of the experience is living a new life independently in a new place. “The best thing about the experience has been just growing up learning new things, not having someone there to wash your clothes or cook for you is just a new life now I am learning.”
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