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The Trakia University is considered one of the oldest universities in Bulgaria. The Trakia University was established in 1995. The university organizes training on programs with four educational and qualification degrees: Bachelor, Master and PhD, as well as on programs for qualification and post-graduate training in the system of lifelong education. Whilst the university has been teaching in the local languages for number of years, it has recently started teaching in English in the majors Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from four current students at Trakia University.

The student reviews share the experiences and journey of medical students studying medicine in Trakia, Bulgaria.

Courtney, First year Medical Student, Trakia University

What was the Application like?

Ever since Courtney filled his application, he already felt relieved looking at the hard work the SME team was putting in throughout the process. Once he received a text at 4am in the morning and he realized that the team is working day and night to help students to get admission in medical schools in Europe. It made his trust on them stronger.

What is your favourite thing about your programme?

Courtney enjoys his Anatomy and psychology lectures the most. The facilities provided by Trakia University are excellent according to him and he is enjoying every moment of the course here.

How has SME helped you achieve your academic dream?

Courtney loved his experience with SME overall and pays his respect to SME as he states, “I think that it’s a great opportunity that you should seize with both hands; if you have the opportunity and you can”.

Mariam, First year Medical Student, Trakia University

What is your favourite thing about your programme?

Mariam appreciates the fact that teachers and seniors are always there to answer any kind of queries she has. She said, “You can ask questions if you feel you’re a bit nervous about stuff. There is people to help you.”

Lefa, First year Medical Student, Trakia University

How did the Applications team help you?

According to Lefa, SME team was so efficient and quick in the whole process. He stated, “When I was in England getting my documents sorted out; it was very quick and very swift due to Aris help (recruitment manager for Study Medicine Europe). It was very good”. Overall, he was very satisfied with the work SME team did.

What was it like arriving to your new city and getting set up?

The only issue Lefa faces is that he can’t find a barber but other than that he loves the city for its beauty and affordable side. He finds Bulgaria a great place to live.

What is your favourite thing about your programme?

The lecturers go to an extra length, as Lefa believes that he is an English student so they make sure that he comprehends the lectures fine and doesn’t face any trouble in understanding them.

Thandeka, First year Medical Student, Trakia University

How did you find out about Studying Medicine in Bulgaria?

Thandeka was looking online to find a way to study medicine in Europe and the first thing which came up in search bar was SME website. She contacted the agents and the rest is history.

What is your favourite thing about your programme?

The best thing Thandeka enjoys about her course is the support she gets from University. She says, “They (Trakia University) are very supportive with everything that they do and they try to insure that everyone understands the lectures”.

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