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Why Choose Georgian Medical Universities?

  • Georgia is home to many of the most highly regarded medical schools in Europe, offering degrees with international accreditation so all qualifications are recognised around the world.
  • Every single year, students from all parts of the world including the UK, France, and India choose to study medicine in Georgian universities.
  • All available programmes have been listed as highly rated in directories of medical schools from around the world.
  • Choosing a career in medicine is a really rewarding one as you know you are making a difference to people’s health every day and it is of course very well paid.
  • Get started today with the help of Study Medicine Europe and start your journey in medicine at a Georgian Medical university.
+What do the programmes cost?
  • Below is the list of costs for the medicine and dentistry programmes at Georgian medical universities:
  • Medical UniversityProgramme (English)EnrollmentTuition Fees per Year (£)
    Caucasus International Medical UniversityMedicine / DentistryOctober & March£3,500 for Medicine
    £3,000 for Dentistry
  • The medicine course lasts for a period of 6 years and the dentistry course is 5 years long.
  • Students in both programmes will have the opportunity to continue at their chosen university with a selection of post graduate and doctoral studies available.
+How are the courses taught?
  • The teaching practices at Georgian medical universities are extremely modern and focus on a range of task-based and innovative teaching techniques with a unique approach to learning.
  • There is a good mix of non-clinical and clinical materials covered in lectures and seminars and also a strong focus on independent research assignments and laboratory work.
  • All Georgian medical universities are affiliated with hospitals and clinics throughout the country.
  • The libraries are comprehensive at all universities and contain thousands of scientific volumes, putting them amongst the largest in the world.
  • The professors and scientists are of international calibre across the universities.
+Am I eligible?
  • Both EU and non-EU students can apply for the medicine and dentistry programmes at Georgian medical universities.
  • However, if English is not your mother tongue, you are required to submit an internationally recognised cert as required by the universities.
  • There is also the option to do a course to improve your English at a cost of £1,000.
+Will funding be available?
  • State financial aid is easily accessible to non-EU students for taught programmes.
  • If you live within the EU, you can get a student loans from Georgian banks and Study Medicine Europe will help you to arrange this.
+What deadlines should I be aware of?
  • For students who do not require a visa from EU and non-EU countries, the deadline is the start of the previous month for each intake.
  • Candidates who need a visa will need to submit an application a month prior to the deadlines to ensure the visa is processed in time.
  • The academic year takes place over two semesters and requires students to partake in training practice in years two, three, and four of their studies.
  • The timetable will be structured as follows:
Winter Semester
Teaching PeriodEarly OctoberLate December
Vacation timeLate DecemberEnd December
ExamsEarly JanuaryLate January
First retake examinationEarly FebruaryMid February
Spring Semester
Teaching PeriodEarly MarchEarly May
Vacation timeEarly MayMid May
ExamsEarly JuneMid-June
First retake examinationMid-JuneLate June
Summer Vacation / Summer Training Practice
Medicine studentsJulyAugust
Dentistry studentsAugustSeptember
Second retake examinationEarly SeptemberMid September

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