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Why Choose Georgian Medical Universities?

  • Georgia is home to many of the most highly regarded medical schools in Europe, offering degrees with international accreditation so all qualifications are recognised around the world.
  • Every single year, students from all parts of the world including the UK, France, and India choose to study medicine in Georgian universities.
  • All available programmes have been listed as highly rated in directories of medical schools from around the world.
  • Choosing a career in medicine is a really rewarding one as you know you are making a difference to people’s health every day and it is of course very well paid.
+What do the programmes cost?
  • Below is the list of costs for the medicine and dentistry programmes at Georgian medical universities:
  • Medical University Programme (English) Enrollment Tuition Fees per Year (£)
    New Vision University Medicine September 4,0005,300 for Medicine
    Caucasus International University Medicine / Dentistry October & March £3,500 for Medicine £3,000 for Dentistry
    Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Medicine October & March £3,500
  • The medicine course lasts for a period of 6 years and the dentistry course is 5 years long.
  • Students in both programmes will have the opportunity to continue at their chosen university with a selection of post graduate and doctoral studies available.
+How are the courses taught?
  • The teaching practices at Georgian medical universities are extremely modern and focus on a range of task-based and innovative teaching techniques with a unique approach to learning.
  • There is a good mix of non-clinical and clinical materials covered in lectures and seminars and also a strong focus on independent research assignments and laboratory work.
  • All Georgian medical universities are affiliated with hospitals and clinics throughout the country.
  • The libraries are comprehensive at all universities and contain thousands of scientific volumes, putting them amongst the largest in the world.
  • The professors and scientists are of international calibre across the universities.
+Am I eligible?
  • Both EU and non-EU students can apply for the medicine and dentistry programmes at Georgian medical universities.
  • However, if English is not your mother tongue, you are required to submit an internationally recognised cert as required by the universities.
  • There is also the option to do a course to improve your English at a cost of £1,000.
+Will funding be available?
  • Study Medicine Europe does not offer a loan service; however, we are always on the lookout for new funding options for university students in Georgia.
  • To learn more about student loans in Georgia, please contact one of our representatives. Our team will update you with all the latest developments changes regarding Georgian student loans.
+What deadlines should I be aware of?
  • For students who do not require a visa from EU and non-EU countries, the deadline is the start of the previous month for each intake.
  • Candidates who need a visa will need to submit an application a month prior to the deadlines to ensure the visa is processed in time.
  • The academic year takes place over two semesters and requires students to partake in training practice in years two, three, and four of their studies.
  • The timetable will be structured as follows:
  From To
Winter Semester
Teaching Period Early October Late December
Vacation time Late December End December
Exams Early January Late January
First retake examination Early February Mid February
Spring Semester
Teaching Period Early March Early May
Vacation time Early May Mid May
Exams Early June Mid-June
First retake examination Mid-June Late June
Summer Vacation / Summer Training Practice
Medicine students July August
Dentistry students August September
Second retake examination Early September Mid September
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