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Romania is a country rich in history, with a long tradition in the arts and crafts. Furthermore, it’s famous for its scenic beauty all of which can be enjoyed by students.

What is Life in Romania Like for Students who Study Medicine

The authenticity of the Romanian landscape, as well as the dynamic interplay between modern cityscapes and natural environment make for a vibrant experience. Romania’s geographical position and the evolution of its territory have rendered it an archetypal mosaic of cultures: Western-European, East-European and Balkan. This has materialised into a very unique lifestyle that manifests itself through tolerance, hospitality and ease of communication.

What Activities in Romania are Available for Students Outside their Medicine Study Commitments

The Danube River journey alone can take visitors to pristine waterways, medieval towns frozen in time. Transylvania, the home of count Dracula, offers breathtaking view of the mountains and beckoning valleys below, lush woodland, and the monasteries and citadels peppering the landscape offer a trip back in time in folklore.

The maze of Danube canals offers a feast for the eyes as nature seems to have been bent on designing its own Venice in the natural landscape. As if this was not enough, where the Danube pours into the Black Sea, exquisite beaches abound, putting the finishing touches on the treasures of Romania. It is here, also, where the uniqueness of Romania will leave its memory imprint, as the Danube Delta enjoys the highest concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe, with exotic birds coming from as far as Asia, white Pelicans from Egypt, and Arctic Geese raising their young in spring.

Study Medicine Europe has heard student stories from weekend excursions are always filled with excitement. Bird-watching, camping, or cycling tours and fishing, as well as hiking and horseback riding, rafting and skiing, besides golf on some of the biggest courses in the world, are just some of the activities enjoyed along the Danube.

What are the Cultural Attractions for Medicine Students in Romania

In this fast modern age, peasant medieval culture prevails in the countryside, as it does nowhere else in Europe, yet Romanian urban centres are some of the fastest growing destinations for International students in Europe and enjoy a booming industry. During the last decade, Romania has seen a massive increase in demand for medical sciences and this presents a huge opportunity for International Students to experience quality education and an unparalleled student life experience.

The Romanian government in conjunction with local governing bodies have set a strategic priority to harmonise the quality of Education, Industry Support and Emigration Departments, ensuring Romania presents a warm welcoming environment. Students may also go for a walk in the cobbled streets and discover the small little hidden pleasures of Romania, reposed in the famed painted eggs, ceramics, woodwork and textiles embroidery, besides masks and glassworks found in craft shops on every corner. Added to this, students can listen to stories of folklore and traditions of Maramures (the famed multi-centennial wooden churches of Europe) and enjoy the numerous festivals throughout the year.

What are the cities in Romania like for Medicine Programme Students

The country’s cities contain a vast number of important sites, including monuments, museums, parks and statues. Relaxing moments and intense entertainment can be found everywhere, be it in small, quaint coffee shops, to clubs and bars, to nice restaurants and fast food takeaways on the streets.

Dubbed “Little Paris”, Bucharest’s elegant early 20th-century architecture flaunts its baroque and rococo architecture, merged with neo-classical touches. The Village Museum, the Romanian Athenaeum and the Peasant Museum are places students should not miss. The massive Parliamentary Palace complex, will leave visitors breathless for its size and splendour. Together with the high quality of student life; low living costs, friendly and helpful Romanian people, the beautiful landscape, the world-famous Medical Universities and low tuition fees, Medical studies in Romania offers an unmatched experience.

Why Romania is great for Medicine Programme Students

The national currency is RON which is about 4:1 to the Euro and approximately 3:1 to the US Dollar. Public transportation is cheap with a one-way ticket costing 1.8 RON. Taxi is another popular means of transportation also used by students as tariffs are very low at 1.451.69 RON per km. As for sports, people can enjoy both winter and summer sports and activities, starting with camping, hiking, skiing, ball and team sports, hockey, ice-skating or jet-skiing on the Black Sea coast.

Many students take the opportunity, when workload permits, to go on weekend or day trips to the countryside by car or by train or, during holidays, may organise short trips to the majestic Romanian mountains or the Bulgarian coast. Weather conditions, be it in winter or summer, enable year-long travel, and many of our students have memories from exploring a little further to the borders of Greece and Turkey, since the ferry ride from Constanta to the harbor of Burgas in Bulgaria lasts a few hours and the Greek or Turkish border is a skip and a hop away. To the West, nearby Serbia, Croatia and Hungary, depending on which part of Romania someone studies, may be just three to five hours away by car.

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