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Caucasus International University (CIU) is one of Georgia’s premier medical institutions in the cosmopolitan capital of Tbilisi. As a leading school for medicine and dentistry programmes, students from Europe and all over the world are choosing CIU. Since CIU offers undergraduate and graduate programmes for medical sciences, it is an enriching, multidisciplinary learning environment. Correspondingly the videos below explain everything to know about studying medical programmes and applying to CIU with Study Medicine Europe.

Hear From Noor, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University.

Noor, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University

How did the application for CIU with SME happen?

She says that it was entirely, “Smooth and stress-free.” A family member recommended SME to her, “I then contacted SME through email and within 24 hours they gave me a call back my parents and I discussed the options of universities they had to offer and at the end of the day we decided that CIU was the best option for us.”

Why was it important to find an agency like SME for studying medicine internationally?

SME Applying Services simplified their transition to life in Tbilisi, Georgia, “While they were handling the application process I was given a super helpful online portal with loads of information including how to open a bank, how to obtain a residence permit, and how to get the sim packages.”

Do you encourage students to apply for CIU with SME?

The experience studying medicine abroad at CIU in Georgia has been so rewarding for her. She reflects, “if it’s really what you want to do then go for it you will not regret it; education is never wasted especially if you’re passionate about it.”

Hamza, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University

How did SME guide you through your international relocation to study medicine in Georgia?

Relocation far exceeded his expectations and he felt supported to adjust to being on the ground in Georgia incredibly quickly, “When I arrived in Tbilisi I was greeted by the local manager who was very welcoming.”

What is your experience of the CIU medical sciences programme?

“My personal opinion of the university and the course is that it has a great teaching system and they have a great online program,” he describes. He says that these digital learning tools support students to study productively and get the most out of the modules. “The students are able to access all presentations that were taken in the past as well as training materials and accessing their grades and being able to contact their professors with such ease.”

What is it like being an international medical student in Georgia?

The experience moving to Georgia with SME support helped him thrive ahead of his career as a medical doctor. He reflects on his growth at CIU, “Living away from me family helps you develop a stronger morale as well as build you as a person to become more independent which helps you to prepare for your future.”

Paulina, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University

How did SME support you to internationally transfer to study medicine in Georgia?

Transfer options were incredibly appreciated as she had to transfer to a new university. SME was there when she needed support, “They really helped me when I was stranded trying to find universities that would allow me to transfer from Ukraine. What’s more, “They offered me a variety of universities that were quickly able to find me a school.”

Were you able to access help settling in to medical student life at CIU?

Settlement into country was made easy with SME Getting There services, “They were immensely helpful in preparing me for the big move and helping me settle into the new country.”

What is the student community at CIU in Tbilisi, Georgia like?

Transfer and group services were really reassuring and made starting anew in Georgia a positive shift for her, “What I found to be the best part of my experience is definitely meeting new people especially people who have been in the same situation as me.” Moreover, “ There are a lot of Ukrainian transfer students I’ve come across in CIU that made me feel a lot less alone and really allowed me to settle into living in Tbilisi more.”
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