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High level student support for undergraduate/graduate applications

Study Medicine Europe’s experienced team of advisors is involved in all aspects of each student’s journey. After the process of academic counselling pre-applications is complete and you have narrowed your options down to the university you wish to apply to, it is time to commence the student admissions process.

The high level guidance provided will be unique for each student, as again, whether you are applying for an undergraduate/graduate programme and the tertiary application itself. The documentation process for course admissions is specific to every programme with sensitive factors and requirements including language differences, laws for each country where the university is based, and academic documentation.

The process of university programme application

Universities will have specific requirements, therefore for the institution of your choice, there are a number of varying supporting documents essential to the submission of a successful university application.

SME’s support extends to the administration of your programme application. We provide you with a clear list of the specific documents you will need to provide, as this mitigates errors of either including extraneous materials or omitting essential forms or evidence that could then slow down your application.

Our process is structured around extensive knowledge of every programme’s entry requirements with compliance principles strictly enforcing a thorough management of applications. This prepares our advisory team to manage your application and guide you every step of the way. Applications through SME are comprehensively checked to adhere to application guidelines and therefore our management of your submission means most universities do not require a personal statement, or reference letters, for our prospective students. For the final stage of submission, we arrange to personally receive all documents required for your application when you cannot submit these in person, in addition to legalising and translating all necessary documents in the official language required by the University.

An SME representative will submit your complete application in person. This professional management of your programme application contributes to the priority processing and the successful acceptance to that university.

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