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In order to register students at their University, in some cases it is necessary first to receive a residence permit. Besides helping students obtain all the necessary documents, we also help quickly translate and legalize any required documents related to this process. One of our representatives may also accompany students to all the relevant bureaus and government offices, explaining the process along the way, including the Immigration Department, the local Police department to issue an Identification card, and the municipal building.

Our student representative offers assistance during transactions at local public administrative bureaus and service centers where the spoken language invariably is not English, and he or she explains the different types of residence permits packages and their advantages and disadvantages, including prices and validity duration.

In turn, we take all necessary supporting documents and certificates obtained from this process to the University in person to register students, submitting a copy of the residence permit. Most importantly, we also help you get specific details on some of these supporting documents which can greatly facilitate the process of getting your student loan quickly approved and the student loan funds released timely.

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