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Prospective students must meet the requirements listed below before applying to a Bulgarian Medical University:

1.   Diploma or High School certificate

Every candidate should have a valid high school certificate substantiating he or she has received 12 years of schooling in order to be allowed to pursue undergraduate medical studies, dental studies or veterinary studies. For postgraduate studies, the candidate must have an undergraduate or postgraduate diploma.

2.   Financing

Candidates are required to submit proof of funding allocated for their prospective studies at the Medical University; this is usually a letter from the candidate’s legal guardians or parents, sponsor or financial institution. However, only EU medical students can secure student loans subsidized by the Bulgarian government.

3.   Good health

Students are also asked to submit a medical certificate that proves that they are physically and mentally capable of studying at a Bulgarian Medical College.

4.   Fluency in English

Candidates must be fluent in English as it will be the language of instruction at the Medical University, and must provide relevant documentation that substantiates their competency or proficiency. In turn, they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a 9-month preparatory course in English with relevant course terminology.

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