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Advisors support every undergraduate/graduate student with their programme application

Study Medicine Europe advisors are official and exclusive representatives of our partner universities with these professional networks ensuring students are supported from the start of the application process through to graduation day. The team of SME advisors are regularly updated with essential information from the respective universities’ Head of the Admissions Office on the status of student applications. For each student, their application timeline will incorporate the multiple steps of the admission process and the registration dates of their undergraduate/graduate programme before courses have commenced.

Course admissions update to prepare for your medicine programme

Consistent updates of your student application gives you the advantage of being ahead of the game so that you can easily coordinate ahead of beginning your tertiary studies. These updates enable you to prepare for relocation, secure accommodation with support from SME, book travel and any necessary governmental documents, or resolve any issues or provide any further paperwork for your application, ahead of the issuing of your official acceptance letter. This system of ongoing student application information availability supports you to make plans ahead of time so that you can stay focused without stress.

Communication frameworks promote academic success

SME’s is committed to communication frameworks that build student confidence with information availability that equips you with detailed updates to mitigate stress-related issues. One feature of these communication standards includes SME facilitating provisional acceptance documents for student admissions ahead of postal advice enabling students to prepare for starting their undergraduate/graduate programme.

These frameworks also work to resolve issues should you have any issues with your course application with SME focused on every student’s successful acceptance into their medicine programme. We’re proud that, to date, we have received over 9,700 letters of acceptance for students and counting!

Following students receiving their Letter of Acceptance, students will receive additional guidance such as if, in a rare circumstance, they are required to sit for an entry test, SME can provide Preparation Courses and Materials. Additionally, SME offers both undergraduate and graduate students access to Student Loans or scholarships!

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