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When a candidate must submit original documents they must be notarized by an official governing agency and if a translation is required, the original copies must be submitted together with their translation into Serbian, which must be notarized and certified by a court-certified translator in Serbia. Prospective candidates must submit the following documents in order to be accepted at any Serbian Higher Education Institution:

  1. A birth certificate with a notarized translation in Serbian.
  2. Original high school transcripts and certificates accompanied with 2 copies of notarised translations into Serbian.
  3. An original document issued by the candidate’s high school certifying that the candidate has completed their high school education and is able to continue their education at a higher institution or university in the country that the candidate graduated high school accompanied with a court-certified translation.
  4. A medical certificate issued by a clinic in Serbia proving good mental and physical health for the purpose of studying in Serbia.
  5. Declaration of the source of funding for each candidates education and living costs in Serbia.
  6. Photocopy of candidates passport (page with photo and personal data).
  7. 2 colour photographs of the candidate.
  8. If the candidate possesses Serbian citizenship they must also provide their citizen’s ID number (JMBG).

For transfers: The candidate must have an original transcript confirming the year of study the candidate is transferring from including the course title, the obtained ECTS credits, the final grades for each course, the number of hours spent on lectures, labs and seminars for each course as well as the respective grading system used by the former medical school. The transcripts must be submitted with a court-certified translation into Serbian as well as having the original documents legalised by the respective university’s local governing body. Preference is given to candidates with a strong scholastic record and in general, candidates must meet minimum entry requirements. An Interview may be necessary.

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