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Graduate entry is an ideal choice for candidates who already have academic degrees in science-related fields (such as biomedical science, pharmacy, nursing etc) and who are eager to continue their studies at a medical university to get a medical degree.

What is Graduate Entry?

Graduate entry enables such candidates commence an English-language medical or dental course in the third year of study. This accelerates the process of obtaining an accredited degree that will be accepted throughout the world. Graduate entry allows applicants to save a considerable amount of time and money by skipping the first few years of study. What’s more, candidates also avoid the pressure of undertaking entrance examinations. It is important not to confuse graduate entry with postgraduate medicine which refers to the studies undertaken by qualified doctors and medical professionals.

Who May Be Eligible for Graduate Entry?

Medical graduate entry programmes are only open to holders of a Bachelor of Science degrees in fields related to medicine or science (such as biomedical, science, pharmacy or nursing). It is an excellent option for students who wish to continue their studies in a medical or dental school and for medical professionals who want to enhance their qualifications to improve their career prospects.

Applying for Graduate Entry

The process of applying for a graduate entry programme is quite straight forward. Applications typically require the academic transcript of the Bachelor’s degree.

Graduate Entry Opportunities in Georgia

New Vision University in Tbilisi offers a four-year graduate medicine programme. This allows students to begin their studies in the third year of a six-year course without taking entrance exams, thereby greatly accelerating the pathway towards a medical degree. Candidates interested in applying will need to supply analytical transcripts of any previously completed courses in addition to the usual admission documents.
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