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Specialised support services for academic success

Study Medicine Europe recognises the need for dynamic student support services throughout the medicine programme. Our priority is for every student to achieve their individual academic goals in conjunction with their overall academic progress in their medicine programme. Whether they are studying an undergraduate course or a graduate course, each student has unique needs that will influence their undergraduate/graduate study such as if they are managing accelerated medicine studies, planning for additional clinical experience, or looking ahead to their postgraduate prospects further abroad.

Manage the medicine programme study workload with an online university tutor

Every student that enrols with SME’s network of universities becomes a member of our exclusive academic support community of alumni and specialists.

For ongoing coursework support, the SME postgraduate team is available for every student undertaking tertiary studies in a undergraduate/graduate programme. The postgraduate team contributes to the SME tutor programme with their medical knowledge and clinical experience that supports and prepares our students for relevant forthcoming examinations. Every undergraduate/graduate student has the option to seek this support for examinations (such as IELTS, OET, PLAB (UKMLA after 2023), ORE, USMLE) or for coursework modules in their relevant undergraduate/graduate medicine programme.

Once enrolled, all students will be eligible for one (1) hour of online tutoring for free and following this, any additional tutor programme hours can be booked at an exclusive discounted SME price. As part of these support services to assist with managing the medicine course, there is also a vast range of additional free resources available to students for advice related to managing a study load, relieving exam stress, and any other study questions that might arise.

Bi-Monthly Follow Ups for extra student support

In addition to the options for a university tutor for the undergraduate/graduate coursework, SME introduced a student services wellbeing initiative that checks in with every student on a regular basis. These Bi-Monthly Follow Ups are calls with each student to:

  • Encourage a positive learning culture
  • Practically uphold the SME ethos of goal achievement though tailored solutions

This is achieved for every undergraduate/graduate student through the range of holistic support services available from initial application through to tertiary studies.

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