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Every year the Romanian government offers, mainly to non-EU students, several scholarships to undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate students. Scholarships to Romanian medical universities offer students the opportunity to make financial advancements in their course of study while rewarding strong academic performance.

What Benefit are Scholarships for Medical Students in Romania

The scholarships only pertain to Romanian-taught programs in Political sciences and Administrative disciplines, Education-related studies, studies on Romanian culture and civilisation, Journalism, Technical studies, Oil and Gas research studies, Agricultural studies, Veterinary medicine, Architecture, and Arts. However, applications to other scientific fields may also be taken into account.

Available Scholarships in Romania

The Ministries that provide scholarships are: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which favours young people coming from countries with which Romania has not perfected international cultural cooperation documents, treaties or bilateral relations amity, the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade and Business Environment, which promotes economic and commercial cooperation actions and, finally, the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports. Accordingly these scholarships can help foreign citizens studying at Romanian Universities who have good academic performance.

What do Scholarships in Romania Cover for Medical Students

Scholarships cover tuition, accommodation in student hostels including holidays (securing a room is based on availability and priority is given to Romanian students), and a monthly allowance the amount of which is based on need and good academic standing.

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