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Why Study Medicine in English at Kiev Medical University in Ukraine?


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+  Why choose Kiev Medical University?
  • The most prestigious medical education institution in Kiev, Kiev Medical University (KMU) is one of the best medical universities in Ukraine.
  • The university boasts excellent teaching standards and stays up-to-date with the ongoing international developments in medical education.
  • Medical students are offered many opportunities to engage in international exchange programs, conferences and scientific projects.
  • The university features many extracurricular activities and sports activities to encourage students to remain fit and active.
  • Centrally located in the vibrant city of Kiev, this university is an attractive option for students.
+ What is the 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine Course?
  • The programme is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
  • It is 6 years in duration and each year is split into two semesters.
  • The university has devised the curriculum in accordance to EU rules.
  • The first three years are dedicated to pre-clinical subjects while the final three years focus on clinical subjects.
  • The course is taught through a variety of formats including: lectures, class-based learning, labs, workshops, seminars and consultations.
  • The faculty members are dynamic, experienced, versatile and fluent in English. They strive to incorporate all the latest methods into their teaching.
+ Is Online Study Offered?
  • As per Paragraph 3 of Order, No 1541 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, online learning is prohibited. Therefore any student who wishes to study medicine at a local Ukrainian medical university must be present at the university.
  • +  Is Graduate Entry Offered?
    • In Ukraine, graduate entry is not permitted as local medical universities refuse to acknowledge non-Ukrainian Bachelor’s degrees because of contrasts between the study programmes of the medicine courses and the non-Ukrainian BSc degrees. So, Ukrainian medical transcripts cannot include subjects that have been studied in a BSc degree.
    + How much does the programme cost?
    Programme Programme Starts Annual Fees ()
    Medicine October & March 4,000
    Living Costs Monthly () Annually ()
    Rent (Private Accommodation) 100200 1,2002,400
    Food 120 1,200
    Books 180
    Electricity & Gas 18 180
    Water 2 20
    TV Cable/Internet 8 80
    Public Transportation 7 70
    Total 255355 2,9004,100
    + Admission to Kiev Medical University
    Applicants must provide the following information:
    1. An application which includes the following details: bio, education history and course for which you are applying.
    2. A copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied.
    3. Documents from your home country confirming that you are authorised to study in Ukraine.
    4. Two small photos of 4-5cm.
    All documents need to be translated into Ukrainian to satisfy state directives.
    + Medical Council Requirements for Recognising Medical Degrees
    • Many of the world’s Medical Councils require that the Medical School that awarded the Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) be listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS).
    • Additionally, each region has its own requirements:
      • UK
        • The General Medical Council (GMC) expects a medical degree to have a minimum 5,500 Clock Hours over a minimum period of three years.
      • USA
        • The Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) requires a medical degree to have a minimum duration of four years.
      • Australia
        • The Australian Medical Council (AMC) maintains an additional database of Recognised Medical Schools.
        • It also requires a medical degree to have a minimum duration of four years.
    + Life in Kiev
    • The historic fifth century city of Kiev features a rich culture, stunning architecture and beautiful scenery.
    • Kiev is famous for its unique food culture and is an excellent spot for gourmands with top-quality food available at very affordable prices.
    • The city boasts an abundance of parks and is located near to a beach.
    • It offers a variety of inexpensive public transport options including a metro, buses and trams.
    • With its low cost of living and wealth of things to do, Kiev is a highly attractive prospect for students with a taste for adventure.
    + Living in Ukraine
    • The country of Ukraine is one of Europe’s biggest countries and has a wealth of diverse cultures.
    • A nature-lover’s haven, Ukraine has 20 natural reserves and is renowned for its beautiful landscapes which include breathtaking mountains, deep lakes and dense forests.
    • Ukrainians are well-known for their openness and hospitality.
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