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With the current educational system and student’s mobility opportunity, every year number of students decide to transfer from one Medical University to another. The reasons why a student would be willing to transfer are numerous and can be very different starting from adjustment difficulties to academic environment, inability to follow the intensity of programme and ending with financial issues like expensive tuition fees and high living costs in current place accordingly.

Can International Students Apply to Transfer their Medicine Programme Study to Armenia 

Students are entitled to transfer from any accredited Medical University to any Armenian Medical University if they have completed at least one semester of programme. In order to be transferred to Armenian Medical University applicants along with usual admission documents also should submit their transcripts that will include the number of hours for each subject (both theoretical and practical) awarded ECTS credits, as well as examination grades.

What are the Transfer Parameters after they Apply for Medicine Universities in Armenia 

Afterwards the academic board of the respective Universities will examine the transcripts of student comparing the applications with their academic program in order to decide the year of entrance of the applicant as medical universities don’t always have the same curriculums.

If the applicant’s transcripts don’t exceed 20 credits he/she is eligible to transfer to the same year and will be given time to prepare and pass the exams on subjects of differences. In case of exceeding a difference of 20 credits applicants will have to attend lower year.

Why is it Beneficial to Transfer to a Medicine Study Programme in Armenia

Many graduates possessing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Medicine related fields such as nursing, biomedical sciences etc. may meet the prerequisites to enroll in higher years like on 3th semesters if they have already covered preclinical subjects of respective medical or dental studies they wish to follow.

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