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Why Choose Armenian Medical Universities?

  • Armenian medical universities are now placed amongst the best in Europe with an ever-increasing number of local and international students attending universities in the country.
  • The medical universities in Armenia are well regarded globally and have received international accreditation.
  • A qualification from an Armenian university will give you the opportunity to have a lucrative career in medicine for a very affordable price and cost of living.
  • Opportunities for Graduate Entry
+What is the cost of the programmes?
  • Tuition fees for studying medicine at dentistry at Armenian universities Is as follows:
  • Medical University Programme (English) Enrollment Tuition Fees per Year (£)
    University of Traditional Medicine Medicine / Dentistry October & March £2,100
  • The medicine programmes last for 6 years and the dentistry programmes last for 5 years.
  • For students who wish to continue their studies, postgraduate and doctoral studies are available and these last for 4 to 5 years.
  • To complement the regular lecture schedule, the course also includes world class seminars and practical training with modern laboratories for students to hone their craft.
  • The medical schools have strong affiliations with medical schools across Armenia.
  • The libraries are stocked with many thousand scientific volumes, ensuring students have access to a wealth of medical information throughout their studies.
  • The academic staff at all universities consist of top of the range professors of international calibre.
  • Both EU and non-EU candidates can apply for the programmes in medicine and dentistry.
  • If English is not your native language, you can alternatively submit a certificate confirming your competency in the English language.
  • There is also the option to do a course to brush up on your English language skills and this costs around £1,000 and focuses on terminology relating to the course.
+Can I get student funding?
  • While we do not provide a loans service, we are always looking for alternative financial aid options for students at Armenian universities.
  • Contact Study Medicine Europe to learn more about student loans in Armenia. Our team has the expertise and the experience to help you to negotiate the loan.
+Are there any deadlines?
  • For candidates coming from EU countries and any non-EU countries who have a visa exemption, the application deadline is early March or early October.
  • For any non-EU students who do not have a visa, they must apply a month before the deadline as it can take up to a month to obtain a visa.
  • The study period at Armenian medical universities consists of 2 semesters and training practice during the summer months in years 2, 3 and 4 of your studies.
  • The timetable will be structured as follows:
  From To
Winter Semester
Teaching Period Early October Late December
Vacation time Late December End December
Exams Early January Late January
First retake examination Early February Mid February
Spring Semester
Teaching Period Early March Early May
Vacation time Early May Mid May
Exams Early June Mid-June
First retake examination Mid-June Late June
Summer Vacation / Summer Training Practice
Medicine students July August
Dentistry students August September
Second retake examination Early September Mid September
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