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The Sofia University is considered one of the oldest universities in Bulgaria. MBBS in Sofia, Bulgaria is one of the best choices for most medical students due to low education costs, high-standard universities, and experienced mentors. With a literacy rate of 98.4%, Sofia offers quality MBBS courses to aspirants. The student reviews share the experiences and journey of medical students studying medicine in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at Sofia University.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at SMV Bulgaria.

Ahmad, First Year Dental Student, Sofia Medical University

What was the Application like?

the whole process was very easy as all the steps were explained by the SME team and they were all very supportive and helpful to him.

How did the Applications team help you?

Ahmed feels extremely satisfied with all the support provided by SME team. Ahmed stated that “The whole process was very easy. Step by step, they explained everything we had to do and next thing I knew, I was flying out to Bulgaria.” Ahmed was disheartened to know that it was difficult for him to get into a medical school in UK so he came across Iris from SME and before he knew it, he was ready to fly to Bulgaria.

What was the relocation support for moving to study abroad in Europe like?

After contacting SME, he got into Sofia and was highly impressed with how quickly the whole process works. He was collected at the airport, then given a city tour, was given his own contract and a bank account was also opened for him which let him get a working sim card within 24 hours of him landing in Sofia.

What is your favourite thing about your programme?

Having clinical exposure and making new friends by meeting new people was the most favorite thing for Ahmed. The teachers and seniors are extremely helpful and provided him with notes. He also likes the fact that teachers are always ready to answer any kind of queries about the course.

Olutoyosi, First Year Medical Student, Sofia Medical University

How did you find out about Studying Medicine in Bulgaria?

After doing his A-levels, Olutoyusi applied twice in medicine in UK but got rejected both times. He then found out about SME online and was delighted to get admission in Sofia within no time. SME representative guided him throughout the application process and was extremely supportive.

How did SME help you with moving from your home to your new city?

According to him, he finds the city to be very friendly and interesting as there are many places to see like cathedrals, museums, malls and cinemas. Olutoyusi is especially fond of the very famous Patricia Mountain. He also enjoys cafes and flower restaurants where one can enjoy the local food. He also feels that Sofia is a student friendly city as one can easily manage expenses while enjoying at the same time. The best thing he finds about the city is that everyone speaks in English therefore; he didn’t have to face any language barriers.

What made it easy to get set up in your new city?

It was overwhelming for Olutoyusi because the letters on sign boards are different from that in English, but once he got his grip on it, there was nothing that could stop him.

How has SME helped you achieve your academic dream?

SME fulfills dreams of thousands of students every year. According to Olutoyosi, “The process is easy, spending 2 years doing Biomedical Science is a waste of time and money. Just go for it.” SME made him achieve his life goal and he is very thankful to the whole team.

Prithvi, First Year Medical Student, Sofia Medical University

What was the Application like?

For Prithvi, it was a very speedy process through SME, which is something he appreciates a lot. He applied very close to the deadline but the SME team assured him that they would take care of everything and so he got his admission letter two weeks later.

How has SME helped you achieve your academic dream?

SME helped Prithvi fulfill his dream and he proudly says “If you are a student considering studying Medicine in Sofia, I would say take up this chance”.

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