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Pleven Medical University (MUP) is a beacon of modern medical education in the northern city of Pleven, Bulgaria. In addition to its decades of international cooperation and extensive intercultural support services, MUP offers world-class facilities. Its medical institution is widely regarded as one of the best in the European Union (EU). Furthermore the academic hospital comprises specialist clinics and research facilities while its library is Bulgaria’s largest. Discover first-year student experiences at MUP with these firsthand review testimonials. Whether covering their move to Pleven or how SME assists with entrance exams preparations, their stories showcase their inspiring experiences.

Hear From John, First-year medical student, Pleven Medical University.

John, First-year medical student, Pleven Medical University

Were the SME support services helpful for you during your relocation to Bulgaria?

SME was there throughout the application and moving process for him including their ground services that, “Was really good.” Because, “They’re just a text away or call away no matter what,” he says, “Whenever time they actually will help you.”

How would you rate the MUP medical programme in Bulgaria for interested International students?

MUP is the perfect medical programme for him and he enjoys the challenging curriculum. He says, “The course I said is really, really good,” and, “Biology is my favourite subject and everything is really advanced.”

What is your favourite thing about living in Pleven as a medical student at MUP?

Above all he says, “Honestly I really recommend you guys coming to Pleven.” Specifically, “There’s a lot of things to do here. You can go bowling, swimming, row with your friends — everywhere is so close.”

Ismaeel, First-year medical student, Pleven Medical University

How did SME support you to meet the application requirements for medicine school in Bulgaria?

He says that SME were able to explain everything required for the application from documents to entrance requirements. In fact he says this was easy for the entrance exams as they assist students throughout the process. “Especially with the agency helping you with any tests,” he says.

Do you recommend the medicine programme of study in Bulgaria?

“The university’s really thorough,” he enthuses in his reflection on first-year medicine at MUP. What’s more, “You’re well-taught at the end of it and when you go back you should be able to get a job relatively easily.”

Is medicine study abroad in Bulgaria worth it for international students?

The dream of studying at an international medical school is worthwhile for any interested person. He says, “For people that want to start medicine abroad I say just go for it.” Undoubtedly he believes, “If you always wanted to do medicine, just do it.”

David, First-year medical student, Pleven Medical University

How did SME Bulgarian services make your relocation to Pleven for medical school easy?

SME arrival services were crucial in his move to Bulgaria to study at MUP. “Because in the beginning it can be very daunting move into an entirely new city by yourself.” he says. Undeniably, he is assured that, “But with the help of SME and other people in the same boat as you, it’s not so difficult.”

What is the student community like for you in Pleven at MUP?

“It’s a worthwhile experience you’ll have. You’ll be in an entirely new country, you’ll be gaining your independence, maybe it’s your first time away from home,” he says. Studying medicine in Bulgaria has been entirely enriching for him. Overall, “You’ll have to be independent, you have to pay bills on time, you’ll be able to go out with friends, you’ll be able to join all these different communities in the school especially.”

What is your takeaway of medical school in Bulgaria as a first-year student?

Without a doubt for him, “It’s a very worthwhile experience”. Altogether, “If you’re thinking about studying medicine abroad you should definitely give it a go,” he says.

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