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Student support and information for undergraduate/graduate applications

Study Medicine Europe offers annual Open Days to prepare students for applications, connect them with our representatives, and begin vital professional networking.

These annual (or often bi-annual) events occur in many locations around the world including the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, and India. Our Open Days give students the opportunity to meet other current and prospective students, discuss academic experiences abroad and talk about career prospects.

How an Open Day provides key information for your medicine studies

SME offers these networking events and meet-ups so that students can meet with their future fellow classmates and colleagues before or upon arrival to their university city for their tertiary studies.

Information packages for studying medicine abroad are distributed and, should prospective students wish to do so, they will have an opportunity to meet with one of our SME academic counselors at no cost. This helps students begin to connect with support services early whether they need assistance with applications or have specific questions around personal documents.

Students can attend our SME Open Days with their parents and families, plus teachers also have the opportunity to learn about exceptional education opportunities abroad. The Open Days involve professional representatives including guest professors who attend to showcase our partner Universities’ facilities, courses and programmes.

Preparing university applications and connecting with the community after Open Days

SME’s Open Days are just one of many key steps that facilitate exemplary educational services for students in their academic career. The journey from application to graduation involves high level guidance and arrangements so that every student is prepared for their tertiary studies and academic progress to become a doctor.

In addition to these days, SME also arranges meetings for our students abroad to ensure you can stay connected with formal services and informal support both from our team plus the people around you.

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