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We at Study Medicine Europe strongly believe in education and work hard to connect students with the universities that best suit their needs and abilities.

Study Medicine Europe can help you secure Scholarships and Bursaries offered by a variety of institutions, organizations, individuals, foundations and the Universities themselves. Our team of academic counselors are hard at work gathering, collecting and organizing data on numerous scholarships and bursaries available at any given time, and based on your qualifications, background or need, there might be one for you! You do not always need to have top grades to get a scholarship. There are numerous scholarships and bursaries out there that you may be eligible to apply for and which are just the right scholarship for you, but you were not aware they existed.

Moreover, our partner Universities also offer scholarships to students on occasion, usually based on academic performance. We also have agreements with some of our partner Universities that award scholarships to top international or European students we recruit.

In short, we have helped many students get financing when they least expected it, effectively returning to students by way of scholarships every penny they have paid us for services or three or four times that amount!

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