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Those candidates, who have completed their 6 years undergraduate medical studies (5 years of Dental) and obtain a Master’s degree can apply for Postgraduate medical study programs (specialization training or residency specialization) in Armenian Medical Universities or to Armenian National Institute of Health, which organize the postgraduate studies under the supervision of 2 Ministries. Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Science.

After graduation students specialize in a particular medical field and depending on the programme they have graduated from and certain chosen specialty the postgraduate medical study. The duration of studies in Armenia is from 2 to 4 years and depends on certain chosen specialty. There are 2 sessions per year which start in October and March accordingly.

Postgraduate medical studies in Armenia are the following:

A. Specialities included in EU Directive 2005/36/EC on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications
     I. Specialities for holders of Master degree in Medicine
           Ia. Specialties with predominant therapeutic focus
1.Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care4
2.Internal Medicine5
4.Geriatric Medicine4
5.Child Psychiatry4
7.Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases4
8.Infectious Diseases4
10.Clinical Allergy4
11.Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics4
12.Clinical Haematology4
13.Skin and Venereal Diseases4
15.Nerve Diseases4
17.General Medicine3
18.Pneumology and phthisiatrics4
21.Emergency Medicine5
22.Haematology and Blood Transfusion4
23.Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation4
23a.Medical Oncology5
           Ib. Specialities with predominant focus
24.Obstetrics and Gynaecology4
25.Thoracic Surgery5
26.Paediatric Surgery5
27.Cardiac Surgery5
28.Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery5
30.Orthopaedics and Traumatology5
32.Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery5
33.Vascular Surgery5
35.Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases4
           Ic. Specialities with prevalent clinical-diagnostic focus
38.Clinical Immunology4
39.Clinical Laboratory4
41.Nuclear Medicine4
42.Image Diagnostics4
42a.General and Clinical Pathology4
42c.Medical Genetics4
           Id. Specialties with another focus
43.Communal Hygiene4
44.Social Medicine and Health Management4
45.Occupational Medicine4
     II. Specialities for holders of Master degree in Dental Medicine
1.Oral Surgery3
     III. Specialties for holders of Master degree  in Medicine or Master degree in Dental Medicine
1.Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery4
B. Specialities which are not included in EU Directive 2005/36/EC on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications
     I. Specialities for holders of Master degree in Medicine
           Ia. Specialties with predominant therapeutic focus
2.Paediatric Gastroenterology4
3.Paediatric Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases4
4.Paediatric Cardiology4
5.Paediatric Clinical Haematology and Oncology4
6.Paediatric Neurology4
7.Paediatric Nephrology and Haemodialysis4
8.Paediatric Pneumology and Phthisiatrics4
9.Paediatric Rheumatology4
10.Clinical Toxicology4
11.Medical Parasitology3
13.Sports Medicine4
14Forensic Psychiatry4
14a.Occupational Diseases4
           Ib. Specialities with prevalent clinical-diagnostic focus
15.Aviation Medicine3
17.Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases3
19.Forensic Medicine3
           Ic. Specialities with another focus
21.Healthcare Economics2
22.Medicine of Disasters (Catastrophes)3
23.General Hygiene3
24.Radiation Hygiene3
25.Hygiene of Childhood and Adolescence3
26.Nutrition and Dietetics3
     II. Specialities for persons with Master degree in Dental Medicine
1.Paediatric Dental Medicine3
2.General Dental Medicine3
3.Operative Dentistry and Endodontics3
4.Periodontics and Oral Mucosal Diseases3
5.Prosthetic Dental Medicine3
6.Social Medicine and Public Dental Health3
7.Dental Clinical Allergy3
     III. Specialties for holders of Master degree in Medicine – lecturers at Faculties of Dental Medicine or Master degree in Dental Medicine
1.Dental Image Diagnostics3
     IV. Specialties for holders of Master degree in Pharmacy
1.Analysis of Medicinal Products3
2.Clinical Pharmacy3
3.Medicinal Plants and Phytopharmaceutical Products3
4.Organization and Economics of Distribution and Pharmaceutical Practice3
5.Organization and Economics of Pharmaceutical Production3
6.Pharmaceutical Technology with Biopharmacy3
7.Toxicology and Toxicological Analysis3
8.Clinical Chemistry3
     V. Specialties for holders of Bachelor degree or Professional Bachelor in “Healthcare Services” degree
1.Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (for nurses and midwives)1
2.Hospital Hygiene (Prevention and Control of Infection)1
3.Consultant on Breastfeeding and Healthy and Dietetic Nutrition1
4.Nurse for Social Activities1
5.Public Healthcare (for nurses, midwives, sanitary inspectors and paramedics)1
6.Operating and Dressing Techniques (for nurses and midwives)1
7.Psychiatric Care (for nurses and paramedics)1
8.Rehabilitation Methods and Treatment of Children with Cerebral Paralysis (for rehabilitation therapists and ergotherapists)1
9.Primary Healthcare (for nurses)1
10.Emergency Medical Services (for nurses and paramedics)1
11.Specific Care of Patients with Oncological Diseases (for nurses and paramedics)1
12.Apparatus Maintenance of Extracorporeal Blood Circulation (for nurses and paramedics)1
     VI. Specialties for holders of non-medical higher education degree but with Master or Bachelor degree in other field
1.Analysis of Medicinal Products (for chemists)3
2.Biochemistry (for biochemists, biologists, molecular biologists and chemists)4
3.Biophysics (for biologists and physicists)3
4.Virology (for biologists and microbiologists)3
5.Healthcare Economics2
6.Clinical Psychology (for psychologists)3
7.Clinical Chemistry (for chemists, biochemists and biologists)3
8.Laboratory Immunology (for biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, biotechnologists)3
9.Medicinal Plants and Herb Uses (for biologists)3
10.Medical Zoology (for biologists)3
11.Medical Informatics and Health Management3
12.Medical Radiological Physics (for physicists and engineers)3
13.Medical Sanitary Physics (for engineers and physicists)3
14.Medical Gymnastics (for kinesitherapists – methodists in medical gymnastics)3
15.Microbiology (for microbiologists and biologists)4
16.Radiation Hygiene (for biologists, physicists and chemists)3
17.Radiobiology (for biologists, physicists and chemists)4
18.Sanitary Chemistry (for chemists)3
19.Sanitary Engineering (for engineers and architects)3
20.Theoretical Foundations of Medical Chemistry (for chemists)3
21.Toxicology (for chemists, biochemists, biologists, molecular biologists, biotechnologists and ecologists)3
22.Organization and Economics of Pharmaceutical Production (for biologists, economists, chemists and chemical engineers)3
     VII. Specialties for holders of higher medical degree and non- medical education degree
1.Anatomy, Histology and Cytology (for doctors, doctors of dental medicine, biologists, molecular biologists)3
2.Medical Biology (for doctors, biologists, molecular biologists)3
3.Medical Pedadgogics (for doctors, doctors of dental medicine, pharmacists, persons with educational and qualification Bachelor degree or Professional Bachelor in “Healthcare Services” degrees, pedagogues and psychologists)3
4.Physiology (for doctors, doctors of dental medicine)3
5.Legal Regulation in Healthcare (for masters working in the Healthcare system)2  
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