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The Causcasus International University is currently on track to become the leading medical and dentistry university in the EU. The professors and students are of higher quality by the year. The student reviews will explain a student’s journey studying medicine in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at CIU in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at CIU Georgia

Joel is a first-year student studying at Caucasus International University

Where did you hear about SME?

Joel heard about Study Medicine Europe from a friend in the UK who referred Joel due to the great experience and support. Joel said “I found out about SME through one of my friends from the UK and I must say my experience and support I received from SME has been excellent.”

What made you decide on the Caucasus International University?

Joel explains that he decided to further his medical studies in CIS because SME provided him more insights with detailed information allowing Joel to make the best decision. Joel shares “I did an inquiry about which university to choose but SME provided me with valuable and proper insight and information to guide me and to make the correct decision.”

What was your experience when arriving in Tbilisi for the first time?

Joel shared he has a great experience when he arrived in Tbilisi for the first time where he was insisted to be picked up directly from the airport. “When I arrived in Tbilisi Iraq was a member of the local SME team insisted he will come and pick me up from the airport.”

How was it like studying medicine in CIS Georgia?

Joel was very thankful studying in CIS because it had an amazing teaching structure and techniques which made him remember his weekly lessons much better. “The opportunity to study medicine in CIS has been very interesting and exciting so far because the structure of the teaching is excellent there are exams every week so it helps you remember what have you been thought the past week which is really helpful.”

How you found living in Tbilisi, Goergia?

Joel found living in Tbilisi as a medical student was very cheap. “Cost of living is very affordable.”

What was your best experience studying in Tbilisi, Georgia?

The best experience for Joel was the opportunity to make new friends from different walks of life globally. “The best part of the experience has been meeting new friends from different cultures and countries.”

What would you like to add or share in your experience studying in Tbilisi, Georgia?

It was difficult on the beginning when relocating to Tbilisi according to Joel but he felt comfortable knowing SME and the team was always just a call away. “I think it is also important to mention that even though you might face some difficulties at the beginning due to relocating to another country knowing that SME team is always there just a call away was very comforting.”

Abdullah is a first-year student studying at Caucasus International University

Where did you find out about SME?

Abdullah mentioned that he learned about SME after doing an intensive research on studying medicine overseas and came across SME website and got an immediate response from them. He said “I found SME through my extensive research I did into doing medicine abroad. I came across the website and got an immediate call back from them.”

What SME services you found useful when studying medicine in Tbilisi, Goergia?

Abdullah shared that the SME portal was very helpful to him since it helped him prepare for upcoming lessons much better. Abdullah shares “Our online portals gives us access to future lessons so we can briefly look before our lessons.”

How was your experience living in Tbilisi, Gorgia?

Abdullah found living in Tbilisi, Georgia to be great mainly due to the people of Tbilisi who are very nice and always willing to help and speak English. Abdullah say “Living in Tbilisi is great. The people here are very friendly and most of them speak English and are more than happy to help.”

What are your thoughts in Studying Medicine in Tbilisi, Georgia?

It is suggested by Abdullah to not to was money and time in furthering their education in medicine in UK since most of the doctors in the UK are all educated overseas. Tori shares “If you want to do medicine or dentistry, don’t waste your time, money and effort in the UK. 70% of successful doctors in the UK are from abroad. If I knew about SME earlier I would have made the move straight after my A-Levels and not wasted my six months at home.”

Wendy is a first-year student studying at Caucasus International University

How did you find out about SME?

Wendy learned about SME through online search of SME website and got in touch with SME right away for her application to Caucasus University. She said “My experience with SME was really good, I found them online and contacted them immediately.”

What support you received during your relocation process to Tbilisi, Georgia?

The relocation process went very smoothly as per Wendy where she was supported in getting sim cards, apartment and also bank account which allowed her to get ready for classes right away. Wendy shares “SME sent me the necessary information for flights and right away we got my sim card and within a few hours I found an apartment with the help of a real estate agent that SME contacted for me and the following days I went an open my bank account and then went to register at the university. Everything went smoothly and I was ready to start classes.”

How did you find the course in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Lecturers take the extra effort to ensure all students are up to date with all the lessons by uploading the lectures online which can be accessed by students who missed the lectures or will like to review the lecture once again. Wendy said “Some of the lecturers upload the lectures if you have missed it.”

How was it like living in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Wendy pointed out that living in Tbilisi is very convenient to commute, affordable to live in and also the weather is pleasant while the city is also safe to move around anytime. Wendy explains “Transportation is very easy to use and cheap. You can walk safe at midnight and nobody will try to hurt you. The weather is very nice, it is the perfect combination.”

What was most difficult for you moving into Tbilisi, Georgia?

Wendy found it a little difficult to communicate due to the language barrier and also it was difficult to source ingredients in order for her to cook Mexican dishes. Wendy shares “The most difficult part of my move is finding the ingredients for my dishes. As a Mexican I haven’t been able to really enjoy myself in the culinary part also communicating with people is a bit challenging.”

What was the best part studying medicine in Tbilisi, Georgia?

The best experience for Wendy studying in Tbilisi was the opportunity meeting people from various countries which allowed her to learn many things. Wendy said “You will meet amazing people from all around the world that will teach us so many things and I think that is one of the best part of this experience.”

What will you like to share to people who are interested in studying medicine in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Wendy thinks that one can make their dreams come true in studying medicine and also earning a great opportunity. Wendy says “I think coming here is a great opportunity because not only you are accomplishing your dreams.”
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