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Attracting students from all over the world as the Medical and Dental programmes are taught entirely in English, CIU is one of the biggest universities in Georgia. With excellent facilities and faculties comprised of professors distinguished in their fields, CIU has proved to be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in Medicine and Dentistry. Students from CIU share their experiences through their testimonials in an effort to help you make an informed decision about your Medical or Dentistry pathway.

Ahmed, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University.

Hear From Ahmed, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University.

Ahmed First-year medical student, Caucasus International University.

How would you describe your application experience with SME?

Ahmed praises SME for their professional service. He says ,‘’The whole application and moving process has been excellent. They have provided me with simple steps to follow when I was applying so it was very stress-free.’’

How do you find living abroad in a foreign country away from home?

For Ahmed getting used to living in Georgia was very easy. He says, ‘’Living in Tbilisi is comfortable, and it’s a beautiful city, and I find myself settling in very rapidly and with ease.’’

Tell us how you find the teaching style at CIU?

CIU exceeded Ahmed’s expectations. When it comes to the faculty staff he says, “Teachers are…very professional and are always there to answer your questions.’’

What would you say to anyone wanting to studying medicine?

Confident by the way the pursuit of his dream has turned out, Ahmed advises, ‘’I would say to the people thinking of studying medicine and dentistry to just go for it.’’

Marzia, First year medical student, Caucasus International University.

How did Study Medicine Europe assist with your placement at CIU to study medicine?

Marzia reflected on a few of the standard pre-arrival services she received from SME as part of the application and admission processes. She says ‘’SME helped with applying to the university of my choice and translated my documents and helped with the director’s order.’’

How are you finding your medical course at Caucasus International University?

Marzia is really enjoying her studies at CIU and when asked to describe it in two words she says, ‘’The medical course is intense but interesting.’’

What was your study experience like during the peak of the pandemic?

Marzia explained that the pandemic made things more challenging for some time but presently normality has been restored. She shares, ‘’My first semester was online due to the pandemic, which I found a bit challenging, but now the pandemic is slowly decreasing, and lectures and seminars have returned to normal.’’

What advice would you give anyone considering studying medicine in Europe?

Marzia explains that studying in Europe is really affordableand she highlights that upon completion of the course one can go back to practicing medicine in their country. With regards to how to approach starting your studies, she sounds very happy with her choice and urges applicants: “I highly recommend SME!”

Taahir, First-year medical Student, Caucasus International University.

How was your application experience with Study Medicine Europe?

Taahir is very satisfied with his SME experience. With regards to the process itself, he says, ‘’The paperwork process was extremely smooth, with every document being uploaded digitally, where they were then translated and sent to the appropriate institutions.’’

How did SME help you get settled in when you first arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Embarking on a journey to study abroad is always daunting, but SME made things very simple for Taahir. He remembers, ‘’One of the most welcomed services offered by SME, was helping me to get settled and established in Georgia. SME’s local manager spent two days with us, just to help us open bank accounts, get our local cell phone numbers and help find us accommodation.

Were you faced with any difficulties or challenges when relocating?

Due to the support he received from the SME team Taahir can’t recollect anything challenging. He shares, ‘’The move was made so smooth and so easy for me by SME that I can’t pinpoint anything actually being difficult.’’

Would you recommend Study Medicine Europe for your medical studies abroad?

Studying medicine abroad can be an intimidating idea, but Taahir is reassuring, ‘’If you have the opportunity to study medicine, passionate and certain that you want to be in this field, then go for it. SME can help you find the right place for you to study. Contact SME for a tailored service experience’’
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